Moving children into welsh medium education

Hoping this is somthing appropriate to ask in this forum, has anybody moved their children from english medium education to welsh medium education. My wife and i are considering moving closer to a welsh medium school, but are concerned we may have left it to late. My daughter is six.


I think 6 should be fine. Still young enough to be flexible. Depending on which area you’re in, there may be special provision for children who are not from Welsh speaking homes and who didn’t start in nursery like my kids (now grown up) did. Good luck with the change!


Definitely worth talking to the school in question - they’ll know what resources are available, and how it usually works - but 6 is definitely not too late - I’ve seen 7, 8 year olds get up to speed remarkably quickly at our kids’ schools… :slight_smile:


Lol no. 6 years old is fine. I would be more concerned about her feelings on the matter of changing school with the different language rather on her ability to pick it up.

Some school areas have “catch up units” (for want of a better word here) which operate as an intensive way of learning the language for kids who move into the area from a non Welsh speaking area but the age of 6 they’ll probably end up being completely fine to just drop in :smiley:

I can’t find the link right now as I have to run out… but there is a documentary about this very thing and they follow 5 or 6 kids going through the introductory session before starting at their new school…