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Saw something ( cannot remember where ) where sameness said in learning a language they always put together a list of what they believe are most useful verbs and then try and learn it over a period of time. Have almost finished level 2 - find Gareth King books really useful for reference ( Dictionary, Grammar and may buy Working Welsh soon ) . But increasing vocabulary very difficult and making words stick in my brain a problem. SSIW lists of vocabulary for lessons useful, but any tips on verb ( or word lists ) or other for expanding vocabulary usefully ? I have got Cadw Swn which I will work through after SSIW level 2. Or will SSIW ‘deep end’ give me all I need ? I am having conversations with native and advanced Welsh speakers at present.
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Some people say Duolingo is good for vocab, perhaps that’s worth a try. Word lists work for some, but from my own experience you have to be careful learning words that way because the context isn’t always clear. And with verbs, because they conjugate, there are added complications in listing them.
I’ve also heard of people making their own flash cards and also using post-it notes everywhere in the house with ‘tricky’ words on them.
By far the best way I think is through use and natural exposure. It’s perhaps the hardest way, but the more you talk to people, hear Welsh in any format (TV, radio, podcast etc) and read in any format (books, signs, websites), the more will sink in with the bonus that you get to hear/see things in context and within constructions - and if you’re having regular conversations with native and advanced speakers, you’re certainly on the right track. Never be afraid to ask if they use an unfamiliar word and you can’t get the gist of it, just say it’s new to you and ask them to repeat it, then you repeat it straight away out loud (that helps it stick - maybe not immediately, but it will help). :slight_smile:


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I found DuoLingo Welsh most unhelpful. It mixes formal Welsh, south Welsh and North Welsh indiscriminately, doesn’t tell you which is which, and then marks you incorrect if you don’t use the one they had in mind. Especially for verbs! Mwynhau/ eisiau for example.

I’ve never used it myself. Some people seem to like it but yes, I can see how it’s frustrating.

Memrise has a collection of 50 verbs and another of 50 more verbs.
The two main disadvantages are those mentioned above by @siaronjames and by @paul-davies-1.
If you learn English to Welsh in this way then you can’t necessarily go Welsh to English. Hopeless if you are listening or reading.
If you don’t type exactly what they want then you are wrong.
I do use Memrise, but I make my own list of words that I want to revise, and I put in the version(s) that I prefer.
I remember words best if I have come across them in songs. I suppose that it gives context. Making up daft sentences using easily-confused words is good too.

Thanks will try memrise. John

There is a very good phone app called Anki App. You can make your own flashcards and test yourself. I’ve used it throughout Levels 1 and 2 to help get words and phrases to stick in my memory. And it’s free!