More than one of ‘you’..?

I’m going to be using some of my newly-acquired (but fragile!) confidence to speak some Welsh at a meeting this weekend.
As there will be a group of listeners, I guess I need the plural form of you. As I’m not there yet (currently Level 1/challenge 18), could somebody give me a quick guide to these phrases?

‘you know’ - plural equivalent to ti’n gwybod
past tense - plural equivalent to, e.g., nest ti, gest ti, etc
Question form - plural equivalent to wyt i…?
‘Your’ - plural equivalent to dy

Planning on an intensive day Friday so I may get to the end of Level 1 before Saturday… :blush:


Ti’n gwybod - chi’n gwybod
nest ti - wnaethoch chi
gest ti - gaethoch chi
wyt ti? ydach chi?
dy beth di - eich peth chi


But also… don’t worry if you use ti instead of chi… they’ll all understand, and the worst you’ll get will be some well-intentioned (if misguided!) corrections… :slight_smile:


Wow that was quick @aran - are you lurking outside? :rofl:
Fabulous - they do look vaguely familiar from past efforts at learning Welsh.

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