[more success] Idea dump: how to increase positive reception

In here for ideas about how to help more learners succeed by increasing the positive reception of their attempts

I am not sure if this is the right place. But a list of people whom would be happy to recieve a pm to Skype with. Not living in Wales chances to speak welsh are far and few between. If there was a ‘go to’ list of people who would be happy to organise a time to skype in cymreag, I think this would encourage people especially newer learners when they find out how friendly people are here i ssi. Especially learners like me who find it hard to make regular skype sessions due to work and kids (man is it hard to Skype with young kids around😊). Anyway I though that may help.


Sorry this should probably be in the encouragement section.

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A monthly award for a Welsh speaker that has provided most supportive first encounter. Winner drawn out of a pool of nominations.


Added. Absolutely love that idea.