[more success] Idea dump: how to increase learners' opportunities

In here for ideas about how to help more learners succeed by increasing their opportunities to use their Welsh

I got this idea from one of the Spanish SSiS coffee mornings.

I brought in the cards from Cluedo and we had to explain to the others what was on the card so others could guess. (And where how I learnt the fantastic word Pavo real!).

Expanding on this, board games are great opportunity to speak with others in a situation that has a limited vocabulary. You’re basically saying more or less the same stuff over and over again with variations, a bit like the SSiW lessons.

What about a printable page of key vocab to have to hand when people are playing.

eg. the Welsh for: Check, your turn, cheater, The billiard room, The gas works, etc.
Make different ones for different games.


Welsh learner festival.
Set up a 2 day event with music, meetups, talks, kids activities. Not the same as the Eisteddfod.


Hobbies through Welsh.
I’m sooo lucky to have a good halfdozen speakers at the airfield and it makes it so much easier and more natural.

Some sort of way of skills/interest sharing to link people up with similar interests/locations etc?


Welsh lanaguage chatbot.
24/7 chatbot with predictive text to make spelling easier, and on the fly translate so if you type an English word, you are offered Welsh alternatives.


On that note, SwiftKey on both android and iOS has Cymraeg as an option and it’s good too

Thanks. I did try Swiftkey, and did quite like it.

Currently I’m using Literatim Cymraeg which is also excellent and features on the fly translate.

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Does something like this already exist? National scheme with notices in shops/pubs/restaurants saying that Welsh learners are welcome and applauded and celebrated (no matter how long it takes to order a pint!). Could also be anyone in public role (car park attendants with badges, police, supermarket checkouts, librarians etc. In Pwllheli, most people in the shops know that on Weds afternoons various groups of spluttering, shy, terrified Welsh learners from Nant Gwrtheyrn will be coming in and they’re fantastically friendly and helpful and always say Da iawn i ti! I know most Welsh people are very helpful when you try to speak to them but this might just give those learners who are shy a little bit of a boost.