More Android app testing

OK, here goes report from yesterday’s “playing around” while driving by bus. I deliberately did some actions not paying much attention on lessons themselves regarding hearing/speaking but doing some things along was useful aswell.

So, the first thing I’ve done was to really check where the app carshes if I go back into it via “running programs” tab. First it crashed on lessons list but then it crashed when on playing page aswell, so here’s not much to tell. It also doesn’t crahses every time when you come back throuh this option but I’ve noticed that it interfears with some apps like SoundCloud etc. The ocassion was when I listened something on SoundCloud and switched on SSi app to download lesson before listening. going back to stop SoundCloud playback and comming back to SSi app caused a crash.

Then I listened to lesson and played with “keep phone awaken” function switching it off and on and it was all normal. When on, the phone was awake, when off the screen went to slumber, playback of course still going on.

Play of the lessons is always on and doesn’t stop even if you go out of still running app or if you switch screen off. This is superb . What I’ve noticed is that if I switch screen off it might happen (but not always and it can be only my tablet) that the tinny bit of outro music is cut off (like 2 or 3 seonds of it) but since this is music, it does no harm.

When app crashed while being on lesson playing screen comming back resulted to this:

Enourmous space showing what is currently playing. The normal screen is like this:

(don’t mind that no lesson is playing on this screenshot).
As you see from lesson playback screen I’m thrown onto lessons list when crash report is sent (or cancelled to be sent in that matter) what might be logical since I presume the app restarts the same minute it crashes so it doesn’t close completely at all.

Download goes fine now (except from Test course) even through mobile data transfer so this problem is obviously solved too.

You can play/pause lessons at your will, it can be jumped forth and back without any problems and it can be re-played also. All good on this end also.

Well, this is practically it for now. Hope it’s any useful data in all of htis blurting of mine. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s super useful! Keep it coming!



Minor update to the test app available - lessons for all courses should now be downloadable.

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Will test this in the afternoon when I drive home by bus.

For the record: Google play offered me updates for test app automatically so things are obviously working very well on this end.

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They are at least at my end.


Success! Yes, it is now properly downloading for me too (still wasn’t the last time I tried… a few days back). :grinning:


Another minor update - app should be less crashy if you navigate back to it via the list of recently running apps


It’s all userful, diolch.

All perfect on Cymraeg side aswell. I had no problems at all. I intentionally “walked” in and out via that way, doing some other stuff while listening, even updating some other apps during listening session and “burden” the tablet as much as I could and there was no problem back into SSiW and SSiS app at all. Purchase is also working fine on both sides so I believe the things are just as they should be.

And , thank you for having me in your “testing circles” :smiley:

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It’s all worked fine for me too the last few times I’ve used it. Let me know if want anymore poking, prodding, or otherwise casting a critical eye on anything. I’m hesitant to do too much more, since my phone carrier seems intent on charging me for these test purchases ( diolch for fixing those BTW!).

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Who is charging you? Is this the Google play store to buy the lesson, or your phone carrier for downloading it?

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It’s not the Google Play Store. They very clearly say that it’s a test purchase. It’s the subsequent request from my phone carrier that says I will be charged $x for the download. I can send more specifics in a pm if that’s important to know.

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Yah, this can be a problem. In this case you should always download via WiFi. You can switch this option on in settings and I also think it’s set so by default.

I’ve purchased and downloaded lessons via mobile data only because I use my tablet together with “unlimited mobile data transfer” package which I’ve got myself exactly for these SSi testing purposes (which is handy for other things aswell) and this for I don’t use my phone for any internet activities anymore.


That is a good idea Tatjana - I will have to try that next time. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Croeso. :slight_smile: