Monthly cost of SSIW

I have recommended SSIW to a friend, telling him it was £10 month. He came back to me to say that there were 2 options £10 month, and £20 month. I can’t find any reference to the £20 option. Could someone advise please.

I’m tagging @Stine for you, she should be able to advise :slight_smile:

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thanks, @siaronjames :innocent:

hello @Steve_Jones, and thanks for recommending us to your friend! You’re absolutely right - the cost of the course is £10/month. We don’t have a £20/month option, so I’m really curious to see where he’s found that option. Could you ask him to send you a link to where that is? We can then have a look at it and see what it refers to. We’ve run a number of promotional prices over the years, and despite our best efforts, there are still some out-of-date links out there in the wild, so it could be that your friend has found one of those.

Hope that helps clarify. cheers, Stine


@Stine , Apparently he saw an interview with the SSIW founder (Aran or Iestyn I assume). Maybe he found it on YouTube or something like that. He couldn’t remember where he saw the link. He was probably trying to gather info after I pointed him in your direction.


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Ah, thanks, Steve, that makes sense. I think that was probably a reference to an old package which was offered some while back when a range ‘new’ prices were being tested. It’s definitely only £10/month at the moment, so still an utter bargain IMO :wink:

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@Stine thanks for clarification. Yes I told him it was good value for money.


don’t worry, I promise I’m not on commission :rofl:

I wish I was, that’s 2 of my friends that have signed up in the last week.


that’s impressive work, da iawn! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: