Monday Meet Up in Mochyn Du, Cardiff

Sorry folks, especially Ashley, Phil not able to go tonight and I won’t have the car so I don’t intend going unless I hear from someone saying that they will definitely be there. Ali

I will not be there.

Are the Monday night chats in the Mochyn due still a thing? If so I would love to come.

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Yes it is, and there will be one this evening after 7pm. If you can make it, do come along!
Gav :slight_smile:

EDIT: to add that if you want to keep updated on meets at Y Mochyn Du, track the thread below!
Monday Monthly meetings at Y Mochyn Du

5 June 2017 - the first Monday of the month again, so must be Mochyn Du time!!

Phil and I have decided to eat there tonight, so regardless of whether anyone else intends to come, we will be there. But I do hope that there will be others, just to make the conversations more interesting!


I intend to be there. I will be late, hopefully there by 7.30.

Great! Look forward to seeing you then.

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My soul will wait for you all there. :slight_smile:

(one day I shall return in person, hopefully at the right time for a meet up). :slight_smile:

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We look forward to that day Tatjana!

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Hello! That time in the month again - yes! Mochyn Du meet up!! So who will be there? Me, if anyone else is going. Was hoping I might see lots of people that I know at Tafwyl this weekend, but only Gareth (without Sarah-Jane unfortunately) and Deiniol (finalist of Dysgwr a Flwyddyn, 2 years ago), and a few people from church. Still, enjoyed myself listening to music and looking at the stalls, and the obligatory tasting of various foods!

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Hi - I’ll come along tonight if it’s on (signed up for the bootcamp in 3 weeks and have drifted out of practicing recently!)

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I’ll pop down later too

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Darn! I’ve just poured a glass of wine… next month!

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Only Gareth and me there. What happened to you Tom? We kept looking for you.

You could have poured the wine back into the bottle Jules!! Or just brought it with you. As it was a lovely evening we sat outside so no one would have known! Hopefully see you next month.


Left it a bit late in the day I know, but if anyone happens to be passing by Y Mochyn Du this evening while checking the forum, I’m just having my dinner now. Be more than happy to chat with anyone who turns up in the next 45 mins! :grin:

…bwrdd 24!

Hi everyone, is there a meet up in December? Looking to get back into learning and speaking Welsh.