Mochyn Du Monday Meetings

Sorry, but none of us regulars is able to go tonight, and the next couple of months are also very patchy. Phil and I should be there 7th and 14th July and Ashley (abrew(and some numbers!)) on 21st and 28th. He’s not sure about 4th August. We come back from our holiday then so might be able to go on 11th. None of us sure about 18th and definitely none of us on 25th. Hopefully we will be back to normal on 1st September! Lots to talk about then as Ashley will be back from “work” in China, and possibly Switzerland AND his holiday! And Phil and I will be back from Patagonia! So if in any doubt about whether anyone will be at the MD, please send me a PM if you want to go. We do know of one visitor on 7th and 14th.

I’m coming on 14th and 21st July while staying in Cardiff for Welsh classes at the University.

Great, look forward to seeing you on 14th, when Julie is coming too, and Ash should be there on 21st.

Might be a bit late tonight as I am travelling from Brecon. Called this morning to look after my granddaughters as one of them has chickenpox and the nanny is ill. Hopefully Phil will be able to get there soon after 7 if he catches the bus. Julie has texted to say that she is not able to come.

How about you Kev? (Wondersheep)

I’m up in the air at the moment, sorry - depends on MrsWondersheep’s plans this evening. I thought I was coming until about 30mins ago!

That’s a no for tonight, sorry.

7 of us tonight. Two originals, one Phil met in a lecture about the benefits of bilingualism and 4 from the June bootcamp. I enjoyed myself, I hope the others did too.

Are some folks still intending to be there tonight?

Hi Kev. I was planning on coming tonight but I have caught a bad cold and don’t feel up for it.

Thanks - feel better :slight_smile:

I am afraid that I can’t go tonight - too many last minute things to do before we set off tomorrow, but Phil will make a short appearance. There will be at least one person there from the Summer School, so are you going Kev?

Sorry to hear that you are not well Ashley and hope you are better soon. Looking forward to catching up with tales of your adventures!

I was going, then I wasn’t going (when I thought no-one else was). If there’ll be people there, yep, I’ll turn up :slight_smile:

Dw i’n mynd heno.

The automatic correction on this machine make that sentence really difficult to write!

I’ll a newbie from last week and will go too - if no-one is there well no worries as it isn’t too far for me and I will grab something to eat there anyway. Dw i’n eisiau bwyd

There were people!

Thanks all, had a good evening.

Hi Pawb!

Just letting you know that I will be going to the Mochyn Du tonight. Who else is coming?

I’m hoping to.

Not us! We were up early this morning to go to the ceremony marking the arrival of the Mimosa in Porth Madryn. The Mapuches are an indigenous Indian people and we attended their greeting of the dawn with thanks to their “gods”. No photos were allowed during the ceremony, but we were able to take some before and after. So the town celebrates it’s 149th anniversary today and there are more celebrations for us to attend throughout the day.

So, apologies for us not being with you tonight!

Anyone coming tonight?

Hi Kev: I was going to go (first time), but I gather that Alison, Phil and Ashley aren’t going…