Mobile data and challenges

Quite often I do my challenges out and about using the app, certainly with my listening exercises but since I started my mobile data has been eaten up and I’ve had to pay for extra for the month.

Is it loading the challenges each time rather than downloading it once and playing it after? Is it me doing something wrong?


Hi Andrea,

if you use an iPhone/iPad or iPod (as I would guess) and listen to them by clicking on the play button within each challenge, you’re likely be streaming it every time. So that’s going to use quite a bit of data.

The good news is that you can download it, from the list of challenges.

You can find a more detailed explanation with a screenshot clicking here: App issue

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Thank you, I didn’t realise I’d been streaming it every time, it’s no wonder Vodafone aren’t my best friends right now :joy: I’ll have a look and download them from now on


Downloading them was so easy, I can’t believe I missed that :see_no_evil: thanks again

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Probably obvious, but I download when connected to my home Wifi to save more data allowance.