Mo Pattern

Bore da, our little Welsh group are trying to learn the mo structure (ddim), we’re slowly getting the hang of using it with say for example
Prynais i mo’r papur newydd ddoe,
Cerddais i mo’r y gi ddoe,
So I was wondering how to use them with
mono i,
Monot ti.
Mono fo,
Moni hi,
Monon ni,
Monoch chi,
Monyn nhw,
Any examples would be very helpful so we can work with them,
Thank you

The principle is the same as with “normal” sentences using mo, but if the object is represented by a personal pronoun, you use the appropriate inflected form.
So I didn’t hear you using mo becomes Chlywais i mohono ti.

(Note that it’s always possible to form the sentence in such a way that you don’t need mo at all. For the given example you could just as well say Wnes i ddim clywed ti with no difference in meaning whatsoever.)

Diolch Hendrik, really appreciate your help,

So I could say rhedodd hi mohonot ti

Erm… probably not? What you wrote means something like “She didn’t run you”, so I am not really sure what you’re trying to say. :thinking:

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I’ll need to practice them a bit more, lol, thanks again


You could practise them with gweld e.g.

weles i mohonot ti yn y dre “I didn’t see you in town”
welest ti mohona i ddoe? “Didn’t you see me yesterday?”

Note that there is more than one way to form the personal pronoun forms of mo - a longer version has ‘ho’ inserted in it.

mono i = mohono i
monot ti = mohonot ti etc

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welodd hi mohonyn nhw heddiw
welodd hi monyn nhw - she didnt see them?

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