MKR (My Kitchen Rules)

Is anyone following this programme?
Just to say that Sian and Robert are good friends of mine. Here’s something I stole from Sian’s FB feed:
We’ve come a long way since our first round of MKR listen out for Robert Philip Bowen on BBC radio Cymru tomorrow morning from 11am

@neilrowlands - Would this be of interest to you? Sian already has a column in the local paper and I’m fairly certain that Robert is Welsh speaking.

Diolch John. I don’t watch a lot of TV to be honest, so I was unfamiliar with MKR until you mentioned it! However if Siân and Robert wanted to write an article about going on the telly- what was involved in the programme, how they prepared etc that would be great- feel free to pass on my details to them :slight_smile:
A few people have told me that they would like to see some recipes or cooking-related themes on, so it could be a chance for them to contribute something like that as well?

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Here is Rob, speaking at 1:37:00. So easy to understand.

Hi Neil.
I finally caught up with Sian & Rob this morning. They were really interested in your venture and will be more than happy to help, so I’ll pass on your details. Rob has finally admitted to being a first language Welsh speaker :slight_smile: . Also Sian has the article writing experience, mentioned earlier. Needless to say that SSiW came up once or twice in our chat :wink:

Incidentally, they are going in to the BBC tomorrow to meet Eleri Sion and also have something coming up with Bay TV.


I am following this show but not for discussion. I was wandering just to know when the audition will be start for this show because i want to participate in it. I have search many time about that show but can’t find accurate information about that show. Here is the site given below whom i was following because they will provide latest update about MKR. If anyone have some good reference website then share it so that i can find perfect information about that show.
Source Website:

I’m not sure what this has to do with learning Welsh, but as the topic title is the TV show, I’m guessing that’s what led you here?

You need to search online for the Australian TV show, if that’s what you’re wanting to participate in - try My Kitchen Rules Australia 2021- Auditions, Dates & Judges - Australia Information Portal (