Miwsig newydd! New music!

Hey all,

I know from personal experience and from reading items here that finding new Welsh-language music can be a challenge, as there is simply so much being produced- where do we start and how do we know what is particularly good?

To help solve this I’m putting together a monthly article featuring curated new musc from Pyst, who are a new digital distribution agency.

This month there’s new records by Adwaith, Fleur de Lys, Gwilym, I Fight Lions & Los Blancos.
There’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page which Pyst update weekly.

I’m really interested in people’s thoughts on this item, and what else the community here would like to see on it to help them listen to discover more new music.



I spotted this yesterday, and have already recommended it to someone. This is a great new feature - I’ll make sure to check it out every month. There’s such great new stuff coming out at the moment.

And if people haven’t found them, I can strongly recommend the playlists curated for Dydd Miwsig Cymru last week - they are divided into styles or situations (like “Dros paned” or “Cyn mynd mas”), and a really good way to get an overview of what’s out there and find a new band that you didn’t know you liked:


Gwych, diolch Sara. Ydy, mae e lot o gerddoriaeth newydd, ond mae’n gallu bod anodd ffeindio popeth yn un lle.
Great, thanks Sara. Yes, there is a lot of new music, but it can be difficult to find everything in one place.

The Dydd Miwsig Cymru playlists are great, thanks for sharing!

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For those who want to learn more about Welsh music (including msyelf), there’s couple of great programs coming up next weekend on S4C- Cân i Gymru and a documentary about the 50 years of the competition:


Hopefully they are accessible internationally too!


Hi! I am glad you do what you do, Parallel C! I don’t use you regularly yet as Ap Golwg, Ap Selog and S4C Cyw are quite advanced enough for me.

I have never ever felt comfortable putting music on, never used Spotify, but do occasionally sing-a-long-a-DistantDreamer ar YouTube selection yn y Gymraeg achos mae’r geiriau yna ar y iPad screen, yn scrollio mewn amser efo’r miwsig! Scuse my Welsh. I met Adwaith lead(?) singer/guitarist (to me she IS Adwaith, as she served me my lunch (delicious) and kindly advised on train times, logistics for an early June return home for me to Brum. She also explained she was in a band and provided a list of fellow bands on a sheet from her order pad. It is still with my debit /loyalty card holder.

I like Adwaith’s songs, but recognising lyrics in any language (inc English) challenges me seriously, so whatever it is your offering, unless it has lyrics I ain’t biting, not even nibbling. Notes on regionalisms would be good… I watch. Notes on bands or links too, might be good.

I learn Irish from TG Lurgan on Vimeo and YouTube, where there are lyrics or Karaoke. I listen to Recordiau Rhys Mwyn and can recognise a tune/melody/signature style, even, but do not quiz me on what the Welsh words might mean… Lists of placenames, or Lessyns History, Lessyns Geography o hyd ac o hyd, those I follow!

Perhaps a survey via SSiW for the most useful and Mynediad/Sylfaen/Canolradd song would be good and may lead to Gwobrau SSiW some day!

In case, TG Lurgan is unknown to anyone, they (staff, students) started by adapting pop tunes known to those attending summer language schools in their summer holiday course college, near Carraroe Co Galway (I think), to make pro Irish medium anthems such as this. Viral take up on YouTube etc ensued, and now crossover into the consciousness of even the English (pretty monoglot) areas of Irish life, TV stardom, radio playtime, etc

Karaoke works, if somewhat crude for some tastes. This one means “Speak Up! (for yourself)” and challenges Irish youth to use not lose their language.

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