Missing word?

Someone who wanted to tell you - Rhywun oedd isio ddweud wrth o ti (As I’m only hearing it I might have mis spelt the words)
Question “Where is the Who” shouldnt it be sy’dd isio?

Sy’dd isio would be present tense, and we are talking about past tense.
What is happening here is that the word for ‘who’ in this tense is a (Rhywun a oedd isio…), but in speech this is often left out, and doing so doesn’t affect the meaning at all.


it looks like there is another Sue J😀 Mae’n dda i gyfarfod chi. Lle dych i’n dod? Dwi’n byw ym Llandudno. I’m a bit behind as I’ve been ill this week but doing my best to catch up