Missing subscription option for SSiS?

I’ve just finished Lesson 5 in SSiS (having a lot of fun!), and I realise the rest of the course is paid, but I can’t find the option to subscribe.

Going through the SSiW portal, I see the option to pay the monthly subscription fee for just Welsh, or to pay the ‘polyglot’ monthly fee for all SSi languages. However, if I go through the SSiS portal, I only see the option to pay £10 for the next 10 lessons.

As I’m only studying Spanish at the moment, I’d rather subscribe just to this course, rather than the ‘polyglot’ package. How can I access this subscription?


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Hi - great you’re off to a good start!

I’m afraid we don’t currently offer a subscription package for Spanish - just the ‘buy x lessons at a go’ option. When we used to offer subscriptions for Spanish, we found that it was more common for learners to subscribe for a month, download everything, and cancel their subscription - clearly, we have a slightly different kind of relationship with our Welsh learners… :slight_smile:


Ah I see - that’s unfortunate. Does this also mean that the Polyglot package doesn’t give access to Spanish?

It does, but it would work out as more expensive in most cases for people just studying Spanish, I would imagine… :slight_smile:

Ah, is the £10 for access to all SSiS lessons? I’d assumed the maths was 65 remaining lessons (including the tourist course) = £65-70.

Sorry if I’m being dim here - I’m just a little confused by the various options!

Er, no, it’s £10 per 10, so as you said. Most of our subscribers are with us for a fair bit more than 6 months, though.

Okay, understood. Sorry if I’ve annoyed!

No, not at all! Thank you for asking, and sorry that we have these different approaches around the place - one of these years, we’ll try to make it all a bit more regular and consistent… :slight_smile:

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