Missing Lessons

I have been ill with bronchitis for the last week and a half. When I was contacted last week, I innformed the administrator that I would make up lesson 2 and 3 by tomorrow morning. I have attempted to do so this afternoon, but have been unable to find either lesson 2 or t3 online. What to I have to do to get started again. I very serios about learning Welsh and have been using Duolingo for over a year. I am convinced that with saysomethingwelsh I will learn to speak Welsh with my relatives.

Bill Stewart

Hi Bill, it’s great that you really want to speak Welsh!

To solve your problem, the easiest way is to send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com, and ask them to check what’s going on.
I’m sure they’ll sort it out.

On the Forum, we’re learners like you and Welsh speakers, and you can always ask for tips about the language and support and tell us how your doing if you like!

Pob lwc

If you click on ‘Learn’ in the menu here, you should see ‘Challenges’ there and be able to find them like that, but as Gisella says, an email to admin@saysomethingin.com will get it sorted out for you.