Missing a few more lyrics

I don’t want to become a nuisance, but I have been completely falling in love with Welsh folk or folklike singing and have built up quite a database of lyrics, thanks mainly to kind people making them available on YouTube. But there are still a handful of tracks I really like but can find no words for anywhere on line, so if anyone can supply or point me to the lyrics for any of the following I would again be most grateful. Just the Welsh would do, I can usually manage my own translation, but of course if the English happens to be available too that would be even better.

‘Can Melangell’ (Plethyn)
‘Morgan Jones o’r Dole’ (Julie Murphy)……. now got
‘Gwybod Bod Na Fory’ (Linda Griffiths)………now got
‘Siwrnai Ddibendraw’ (Linda Griffiths)
‘Can Y Gân’ (Linda Griffiths)……. now got
’Carol Haf’ (Fernhill)……. now got
’Tro Tro Tro’ (Mary Hopkin; Welsh version of Pete Seeger’s ‘Turn Turn Turn’
‘Dole Teifi’ (Fernhill)
“Pennant Melangell” (Sian James)

Thanks again for previous help.


Hi Davids, Can’t help with the songs you’ve asked for but this little book contains the Welsh and English lyrics for 100 songs. Available on Amazon for £2.99.

Hi @Davids, just came across this lovely song a few weeks ago. Here are the lyrics:

Mae’r diwrnod wedi darfod

Dwi’n tynnu’r llenni lawr

A lleuad oer mis bach

Yn creu patrymau ar y llawr.

Wrth roi fy mhen i orffwys

Ar ôl bennu ddoe

Mi welaf i dy wyneb

Yng ngholau gwan y lloer

Mae gwybod bod na fory yn ddigon da i mi

Cysga’n dawel heno dwi yn dy ymyl di.

Edrycha di drwy’r ffenest

Mae’r sêr fel rhif y gwlith

Edrycha arnynt eto

Rwyf yno yn eu plith.

Y seren wib sy’n disgyn

Ac yn sleifio drwy y llen

I wylio dros dy wely

Nes daw y nos i ben.

Mae alaw hen hwiangerdd

Yn llenwi’r gwacter du

Yr alaw genais ganwaith

I leddfu d’ofnau di

Mae’n sibrwd yn y tywyllwch

Fod dim i’w ofni mwy

A’u hwian hwian

Yn gysur inni’n dwy.

PS Would be grateful for help with translation to Gwbod Bod Na Fory! Diolch yn fawr

Here is the full folk song for Morgan Jones in Welsh and English. Of the verses Julie uses, there are a few differences, if I recall.


Many thanks for that, jenny-5. Here is my attempt at a translation for you:

Knowing That There Will Be Tomorrow

The day has ended
I pull the curtains
And a cold February moon
Makes patterns on the floor.

Laying my head to rest
With yesterday at an end
I see your face
In the faint light of the moon.

Knowing that there will be tomorrow is good enough for me
Sleep quietly tonight I am at your side.
Look through the window
The host of stars glitter like dew.

Look at them again
I am there among them
The shooting star that falls
And slips through the curtain
To watch over your bed
Till night comes to an end.

The tune of an old nursery-rhyme
Fills the black emptiness
The song I sang a hundred times
To soothe away your fears
Whispers in the darkness
That there is nothing to fear any more

And its lullaby lullaby
Is comfort to us two.

That’s great, craigf. Many thanks.

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That’s great, thanks @Davids. My attempt was a bit too literal but yours is better because it’s more poetic

This is a good little book if you can get hold of it - I remember it fondly from my childhood - http://www.gwales.com/goto/biblio/en/9780850889635/

This is also a really brilliant book - https://www.ylolfa.com/products/9781847715999/100-o-ganeuon-gwerin

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think that actually I have now managed to get both Welsh and English words for all the traditional songs, or at least, all the ones I want to listen to, and the ones I can’t find are probably original compositions. Just find it rather frustrating that I am now at a stage of being able to read Welsh fairly fluently but am still miles away from being able to listen to a song and write down the words Just need to keep plugging away, I guess.

Was getting together the lyrics for Julie Murphey’s version of Morgan Jones from Dole, got line by line translation for myself so thought I’d post here too:

Mary Watkin wyf fi’n garu
'N well nag un ferch o fewn i Gymru,
Ac 'rwy’n gobeithio cael yn briod
Ferch Syr Watkin Dyffryn Llynod.

I do love Mary Watkin
Better than any other girl in Wales,
And I hope to have as wife
The daughter of Sir Watkin of Dyffryn Llynod.

Morgan Jones oedd yn ei wely
Yn glafaidd iawn yn methu codi;
Fe ddoi ato newydd garw
Fod ei gariad bron a marw.

Morgan Jones rose from his bed
Although his heart was nearly broken;
He tried to go to her father’s mansion,
Although all there hated the sight of him.

Deunaw sgarff a deunaw cleddau,
Deunaw gwas o weision lifrai,
Deunaw march 'run Iliw â’r sguthan
Yn cario merch Syr Watkin allan.

Eighteen sashes and eighteen swords,
Eighteen servants in full livery,
Eighteen dove-coloured steeds
Carrying Sir Watkin’s daughter out.

Ceisiai fynd i gladdu’i gariad,
Er ei fod bron ffaelu a cherddad;
'Roedd ei galon fach ar dorri,
Gweld rhoi pridd a cherrig ami.

He tried to go to his love’s burial
Although he could barely walk
His heart was almost breaking,
To see the earth and stones placed on her [grave].

Ffein yw llygaid y briallu,
Ffein yw’r lie y maent yn tyfu,
Ffein yw’r bedw sy’n eu cysgod–
Ffeinach yw merch Dyffryn Llynod.

Fine the flowers of the primrose,
Fine the place they grow,
Fine the birch trees that do shade them –
Finer still the heiress of Dyffryn Llynod.

Morgan Jones a Mary Watkin
A fu mewn cariad mawr diderfyn
Nes daeth angau i wahanu rhyngddyn’ –
Ac mewn un beddrod rhowd hwy wedyn.

Morgan Jones and Mary Watkin
Loved with a great and endless love
Until death came to part them –
And in one grave they were laid thereafter.

Mae’n anodd plethu dŵr yr afon
Mewn llwyn teg o fedw gleision;
Dau anhawsach peth na hynny
Yw rhwystro dau fo’n ffyddlon garu.

It’s hard to weave the river’s water
In a fair grove of green birch trees;
More difficult still
To keep two faithful lovers from loving.

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