Missed opportunity

Kicking myself for missing an opportunity! I bought a bucket hat with y Ddraig goch on the front and I always wear it when I go out. As I was coming out of a church fete today a woman said “o, I like your hat, da iawn” I automatically replied “ wyt ti’n siarad Cymraeg ‘te?” and she answered “tipyn bach”. Now I’m sure the rest of you would have seized the opportunity and started a conversation but not me! I just smiled and carried on walking. My wife then berated me and asked why I hadn’t carried on speaking “ you’re always complaining that you don’t get any opportunities to speak to people face to face!” I don’t honestly know why I didn’t speak to her, it wasn’t shyness or nervousness ( I’m
not the best siaradwr but I’m used to simple
conversation) aaargh!!


Don’t worry. There will be others for sure. Get yourself prepared with a little chatty sentence or two :slight_smile:


Thing is that Welsh speakers are rarer than hen’s teeth in East Anglia!

I did look on the ssiw map and saw one member in March, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed to contact them?