Mini triumphs!

So last week I got to the opportunity to write a work email to our spanish office. I thought I could either play safe and stick to English or risk being misunderstood and write in Spanish.

Having the recipient complement me on Spanish made my day.

It’s these tiny successes that make the difference and build my confidence for the next time the chance comes up.


I was about to reply with “da iawn” but then realised this is the Spanish forum, so… I guess “felicitaciones” might work here?

Nicely done, in any case! :smile:

Enhorabuena, hombre! :star2:

Tendremos que hablar un poquito de espanol en el proximo Bootcamp :wink:

Acabo de mande mi primero email en espanol a mis amigos en mexico y espero para contestan


Estas haciendo muy bien! :thumbsup: