Mini bootcampsc

Just a thought and nonot an original one but…

Would anyone be interested in a self organised mini bootcamp onone weekend? Arrive Friday night. Leave Sunday afternoon.

This is all off the top of my head so excuse any silly ideas.

Arrive Friday eve…late dinner say 9pm.
Saturday…breakfast then out for a walk in the countryside weather permitting. lunch…visit somewhere historic in the afternoon…maybe a castle or museum…dinner…then find a quiet pub…maybe play a few games in welsh
Sunday…get packed…brunch out in the wild…something in the afternoon (no idea what)
Depart whenever you feel like or stay another evening.

Totally open to suggestions/locations/dates. I know of relatively cheap bunk houses with private rooms also near Llanrwst, Betws y Coed and Llanberis.

Please just reply or mail me. And sorry if someine is already organising something. I cant commit to a week of bootcamp but feel the need for something immersive!


I would absolutely love to do this - but it’s unlikely I will be able to afford to this year.

Just to give people an idea.

Before any discount overnight is about £20 per person per night.

Both nights I’d be happy to cook subject to a contribution of say £15 per person which will also pay for breakfast on Saturday.

That leaves lunch out on Saturday say £10, entry to a tourist attraction say £10 and brunch on the Sunday say £5 plus any beer/wine.

This really is designed to be cheap! Under £100 for everything except travel.

Here’s the place I was thinking of near Llanrwst

If we could just get 6 people I think it could work.

I shall propose two dates.

Last weekend in either September or October.

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Good initiative. From Patricia’s and my experience, I would say small scale bootcamps like the one you’re proposing have a much better chance of success. Should be fun, too. Pob lwc! :slight_smile:


I’d def be interested - it would be cheaper for me so more affordable.

Ok. The actual costs i would need are £55. This includes accommodation 2x dinners and 1 breakfast. Accommodation is shared in either twins or quads but have a private bathroom.

Extras are lunch on Saturday. Any entrance fees for sat morning or afternoon and brunch on the Sunday. Plus any drinks and travel.

Actual proposed dates are

Fri Sept 30 - Sun Oct 2
Fri Oct 28 - Sun Oct 30

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Just for the info. About DIY bootcamps there already was some discussion and reading the results of the survey made by @patricia_mitchell on June last year the most participants of the survey thought 3 or 4 days bootcamps would be suitable for them. Regarding your idea @petermescall it maybe can be suitable to go through that thread for some potential insights and more ideas.

Well, just remembered the old topic and thought it might be useful.

I for one have to recover from this one I’ve just been to - haha! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I fid look earlier but couldnt find it. To be honest i just want sn extended chat session but with some structure.

I have a few ideas but just want to see if people ate prepared to pay my extortionate asking price :wink:

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Yes I understand the idea. :slight_smile:

Pob lwc. :slight_smile:

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Ah just read it. Looks like i was luckily close to what people wanted!

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I am interested too - esp the end of Sept.
Only thing is getting there, so would need to sort out lift-sharing or persuade someone to pick me up from the nearest station :slight_smile:

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Am sure that can easily be arranged. Just need three more now possibly. :smiley:

It’s going out in the newsletter today, so be prepared for a flood :wink:

Well i have lots of accommodation options all over north wales ranging from cottages to bunk houses. Some of it is cheap and cheerful. Others quaint.

However i have reserved a place in Dolwyddelan which i can cancel. There are a variety of options alloeing groups from 4 to 11. This is for sept 30 to oct 2 and includes the use of s privaye chalet
The max cost is £65 to include 2 dinners snd one breakfast. It cpuld go as low as £53.

My aim is simple. Get a group of like minded people together for extended practice.

Hi, I’d be interested in the w/e 24/25 Sept or any in Oct except 15/16 - or did you mean the last w/e Oct too ?
BUT would definitely need a single room I’m afraid. Otherwise could come over for the Sat just for the day.
Hope this comes off, it’s an excellent idea, thanks.

Sorry, I missed your bit that gave the dates. The 1/2 Oct would be fine and possibly the 29/30 Oct.

Can I come please. Any date would be fine!

Deffinitely. Its first cone first served. Be aware ypu will need to share and its cheap accommodation so nothing fancy.

However it does rate 8.2 pn

Finally if your definitely want to come private message me. I will need you to pay a deposit otherwise i could be out of pocket. Deposit is refundable if i cancel but not if you do unless somrone takes your place.

Depodit of £15 via paypal.

If i get 5 i confirm but please dont private message me unless serious.

Mae hynny’n iawn i mi. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

I’d be interested in either of these weekends, preferably the first.