Milton Keynes

I live in Milton Keynes and need someone to pracice with

I think the @janjones_1 needs to be in the message like this rather than the title John. This should notify her for you now.


I am having great trouble with this system.

Don’t worry, it does take a while to get used to, but we’re all happy to help.

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HI John,
I hope that you saw my message to say that the Milton Keynes group (Cylch Siarad) is an informal group. We meet in Ye Olde Swan at Woughton on the Green on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm. The next meeting is on 7th March. Please let me know if you plan to attend as I won’t be there, but will let people know that you are coming along.
Kind regards

I hope to pop in. I don’t know how long the group meets, but I have to return home to collect my wife for an 8 o’clock meeting elsewhere. I have been struggling with the course but want to be able to try conversing face to face,

Hi John
That’s great. I am not sure who will be there on the 7th. Please ask a member of staff for the table booked out to the Welsh speaking group. They know who we are. Unfortunately my colleague Anne won’t be there on the 7th but I will ensure someone knows. Best wishes, Jan

Hi John if you can let us have your email address we will add your name to our email circulation list for the MK group. BW Jan

Thanks Jan I am

Hi John
the meeting is from 6-7.30 - sometimes we stray over that time a little. I will check and ensure that there are people attending on the 7th and let you know if not

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