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Hi all, thanks for inviting us to contribute to the forum! Here are some activities we have over the next few months that might be of interest:

We run a weekly coffee morning which will be starting back up this Saturday:


There is also an online version called the “Cylch Clebran” every Wednesday morning via Zoom:


We will be showing all of Cymru’s rugby and football matches during February and March:

We have two family performances of Theatr Arad Goch’s “Tu Fewn Tu Fas” on Saturday the 19th of February. This is a visual show, and there will be leaflets available for learners.

More information and booking details on our website: Tu Fewn Tu Fas (

We also regularly have live music in Tŷ Tawe. Here are some gigs that we have coming up:

Tickets and listings available here: Menter Iaith Abertawe event tickets from TicketSource.

You can keep in touch by following us on social media, or subscribing to our weekly (bilingual) newsletter here: Menter Iaith Abertawe

Menter Iaith Abertawe


Exciting news from Abertawe, published in

Menter Iaith Abertawe, Swansea’s Welsh language initiative, has launched a new project which will see some of Wales’ most exciting new artists record session in a series of iconic locations across the city.

These special live sessions, recorded in collaboration with Ffoto Nant and Stiwdio Sain, will feature a variety of artists using the Welsh language in different and exciting ways.

The aim of the sessions is to introduce the Welsh language to new and varied places, as well as providing an additional platform for new and emerging artists.

The locations featured will include the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea Museum, Derricks Music, the Mission Gallery, The Bunkhouse Bar and Music Venue, the Waterfront Museum, and the Elysium Gallery, as well as the Menter’s own venue, Tŷ Tawe.

The first two sessions featuring Ynys live from Tŷ Tawe, and Eädyth x Izzy Rabey live from the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery are available to watch now on the AM Cymru app and on the Menter’s YouTube channel.