Does anyone else struggle to remember the English sentences we are to say in welsh. Is there a way of breaking it down, or do people pause it like me and write the English out?

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Yes, I’ve always struggled to remember the English sentences. And we’re not the only ones: I can’t find them right now, but I know there’s more posts on this topic around the Forum and several people have shared what worked for them.

I can tell you what I did: for Level 1 and Level 2, I just said in Welsh whatever I remembered: sometimes the first part, sometimes the last part of the sentence, sometimes just a bunch of sparse words - without worrying too much.
After all, the assignment was saying something in the pause, before Cat’s voice, and that’s what I did. And it worked anyway!
One year later I went through all the challenges again and I was able to say most of them in their entirety - probably also because you find the same words again and again, so you end up remembering them.

When I moved on to Level 3, however, I just couldn’t handle it. I felt completely lost and confused and stressed and didn’t seem to make much progress.
So I tried a different thing: I transcribed all the English sentences, so I could read them while saying the Welsh version. And it really helped me a lot.
Recently I had started re-doing Level 3 and see I can do most of them without reading now, without feeling stressed at all!

So different methods seem to work for different people and even for the same person in different moment: it’s often all about finding what’s best for you. Pob Lwc!


If I forget the English, I say something in Welsh (using bits of the English I can remember) that would make sense as a sentence. Then I use Cat & Aran’s voices as listening practice to see what the English sentence actually was! Sometimes it ends up that I said the correct Welsh sentence and sometimes it is wildly different (but still useful as speaking practice).


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who starts out on the journey of saying something in Welsh, only to forget halfway through what the English sentence was.

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That’s really helpful advice. I wonder if they repeated the same thing in English that would give you another go. Perhaps that’s my perfectionism raising its head. I could always do the challenge again the next day

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I read an answer on the forum a long time ago which changed my perspective on this…

…it said that training your brain to temporarily store and process an input stream - whilst simultaneously generating and speaking the Welsh - is actually part of the exercise - because this is what you will need to do during a conversation.

Initially it is a real challenge - along with the Welsh :smile: - but improves as you work through.

Rich :slight_smile:


I suspect that’s true (I’m not very far along). It’s hard to let go of our school conditioning to get things right all the time and “succeed” without looking awkward or feeling foolish. I have to remind myself to let go of my inner “little achiever” that was born in grade school.

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