Membership changes?

I’ve been away from SSIW for a bit after the 6m course. I’ve just tried to access Level 3 but it says it’s subscription only. I was one of the first Growth Club members and the membership was only a small amount a month. Have I missed something? I am autistic and don’t always proceas information but I don’t recall being told of any changes to the subscription which seems a bit of a jump as I’m now retired. Can someone throw any light on this as I can’t find anything anywhere which explains this and the website doesn’t show any membership details past or present on my profile.


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Hello @dryw_bach_1. @aran, of course, will get back to you with more information but in the mean time maybe you can find a bit of info in this topic

Where Aran explained last year what will happen with the memebership, prices of courses etc. But since you’re one of the first Growth Club members, this, according to what’s been said when we joined the Growth club, shouldn’t apply to your subscription though. So I presume there’s a bit of a technical issue which, I’m sure, will be resolved as soon as possible.

And …

Welcome back!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I had the same issue when I tried to access level 3 to download all the audios to my mp3 player and I signed up to the 6 month course just 3 weeks ago at full price. I assumed it was a system glitch and planned to address it when I got a bit nearer to level 3! :thinking:

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Hi @dryw_bach_1

Switching to a polyglot subscription fixed a situation like this for me ( I am also a growth club member and had an ongoing monthly subscription).

That month I got £1.70 back and paid an extra £1.70 :smile: …it might even have been slightly more, I’m not sure…,but that seemed to make the system feel ‘ok’ about the situation and was the end of it!

It was quite a long time ago now and I can’t remember what the other type of subscription was …but do you have a polyglot subscription?

Rich :slight_smile:


One was Polyglot and the other was for just Welsh with the difference in subscription of 3 (or so) GBP, however I’m not sure what the price for subscriptions are now (since I’m a very old member) and also I don’t know how they interact with the structured courses so maybe waiting for @aran to respond would be the best. I believe the issues were always resolved so this one shoudl be too.

In the main time, maybe, if someone has the same issue and thinks they’re experiencing the same thing, should use this topic to address them. For such things waiting is never too good, I believe.

Pob lwc a hwyl!
Tatjana :slight_smile:


I’ll add one more note, hoping we don’t get dryw_bach all confused now! Sorry if we do! :smiley:

I subscribed to Welsh language-only before September 2018 and I still have full access to all levels and advanced content at the same price I was paying then (as Aran had promised, in fact).

However since a few updates on the apps were done in the meantime and occasionally I got asked to re-subscribe too. But it was just a tiny technical error, and got easily and quickly solved.

I’m sure as soon as someone from the staff pops up here in the forum, or if you send an email to you’ll get everything sorted out (if not in the weekend, certainly next week).


Oh dear, first of all thank you all for your replies. It seemed I missed a very big change indeed whilst dealing with my dad’s illness and death. I admit I was not really in the zone during this. Tbh I have no idea what kind of membership I had, although Polyglot rings a bell, however I’m not sure it catered for my other languages (Hindi and Italian).

I will have to get in touch with Aran, but we are currently in the process of moving to Gwynedd so I’ll probably wait until we’re settled.

Maybe I can do a babysitting deal with him? :joy:

Thanks again,



Hi Sally - sorry, sounds like a hiccup our end - I’ll ask @Kinetic to take a look at this for you, so fingers crossed it’ll be sorted tomorrow… :slight_smile:

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Hi Sally,

I can see two types of membership historically on your account. One is for the 6 Month course, which you completed last year, and as a result of that you keep access to Levels 1 and 2 forever. The other was a normal Welsh subscription, which you had from January 2016 until January 2017, when it ended because the card you were using expired at the end of 2016.

I can’t see any Growth Club membership on the account at all - do you perhaps have another account under a different email address?

I really don’t retain information so I don’t know. I seem to remember a one off payment, possibly £50, for the development of the app which I thought gave me access to something or other, but with several major upheavals in the last 10 years I really don’t recall the details. We’ll just have to see if I can afford the subscription when I’m settled in Wales. But thanks for your help.