Meinir Gwilym - New Album!

As some of you already know, Meinir Gwilym, accomplished Welsh female singer, acoustic guitarists, songwriter and friend of SSiW, has a new album coming out very soon!

This long awaited album will only be available in CD format for now.

To get your copy of ‘Llwybrau’, follow the link below. You won’t be disappointed - Meinir has a wonderful voice and writes honest, beautiful, timeless music.


On order. :blush:

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Gwallgo (cân yr wythnos ar radio Cymru) is a brilliant track! I’ll definitely be ordering a copy

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This album is now on sale!!!

It has some absolutely beautiful songs on it! Here’s a little taster…


I bought it from Siop y Siswrn in Mold on Wednesday morning. Only listened through once so far but first impressions are excellent. I find Meinir’s voice very easy on the learner’s ear and a pleasure to listen to as anyone who has watched ‘garddio a mwy’ can vouch.

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I bought it from Meinir Gwilym on a boat on Afon Seiont on Sunday afternoon.

I’m fairly sure that means I win.


I didn’t realise it was a competition. However, I supported a musician AND a local business so I’m happy. :blush:

Says a drummer?!

True. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you for the tip on Meinir. I hadn’t heard of her before (I’m quite new to Welsh language music). Just listening to her rendition of Ar Hyd Y Nos on the train - absolutely beautiful. I’ll be checking out the rest of her music.

Diolch :slight_smile:


I’ve copied this off Meinir’s Facebook post for those who may not have heard about it and would be interested…

Diolch o galon i bob un ohonoch sydd wedi rhagarchebu #Smôcs20 hyd yma ❤️ Dim ond rhyw gant o’r rhagarchebion ar ôl rŵan. Linc isod

Dyddiad Rhyddhau erbyn hyn ydi #Mawrth31 🤞🏽

Big thanks to each and every one who’s pre-ordered #Smôcs20 so far ❤️ Only around hundred slots left, link below if you fancy

Release date now is a little later- March31…/smocs-coffi-a-fodca-rhad…

0:00 / 1:45

Meinir Gwilym

16 Dat2phgoneocemgber1 210021 ·

Smocs, Coffi a Fodca Rhad yn 20 oed! Linc i archebu isod-

20th Anniversary Edition! Pre-order link below -…/smocs-coffi-a-fodca-rhad…

Ynghanol newyddion dyrys o bob cwr, dyma rwbath am fiwsig, hen fiwsig newydd…


Resurrecting this thread because Meinir’s got another new album out, and there’s a competition for tickets for the launch, but I’m afraid it’s only on facebook - apologies to those not on facebook.


I ddathlu rhyddhau #caneuontyh mi fydd na lawnsiad bach bach munud ola dydd Sul 3/12/23- Dim ond 20 o docynnau cyhoeddus ar gael- pwy sy isio dod? Am gyfle i fod yn y gynulleidfa…

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  2. Rhowch sylw (comment) ar ar y post yma efo rheswm pam dachi isio dod i’r lawnsiad

Dewis erbyn Nos iau 30.11.23


Hmm. Os mai dydd Iau ydy’r 30fed, nid dydd Sul ydy’r cyntaf Rhagfyr. Wps.

The first can’t be a Sunday if the 30th is a Thursday…

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Hmm, good point. Reckon that should be Friday 1st. I’ll edit that now.

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UPDATE! Meinir has re-posted the message on facebook - the date is SUNDAY 3rd December. I’ll change my post here again to reflect that.

Nowe! I’ve used up my dinner break reading posts from 2016 again.
I’ll never learn :upside_down_face:

Beat me to it! Newydd weld hyn ar Facebook

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