Meetup in Sant Brieg (Llydaw/Breizh) 03/03/18 for breton speakers learning welsh


Meetup in Sant Brieg (or here in breton ), the 03/03/18 for welsh learners.
It’s a bit late but if you speak breton and are interested in learning welsh, you might have a look at it :
Staj-Kembraeg-Abherve-030318-Kinnig.pdf (100.1 KB)

A great way to improve what you’ve learn on SSIW.
I’m a bit worried because I might have to think in english. It would be better thinking in welsh or in breton ! :slight_smile:

Mod-se emañ an traoù !
That’s the way it is !.



Oh, I’d love to make it over for that - if you see Brieg ar Menn there, say hello from me! :slight_smile:

@Deborah-SSi - an interesting one for the email? :slight_smile:

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I will !

I’m surprised you know him though.:upside_down:

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I’ve known Brieg for years - we learnt Welsh together in Aberystwyth, I’ve stayed with him in Breizh (on my own and with Catrin), he’s stayed with us (and helped look after the kids) - he’s pretty much family as far as we’re concerned… :slight_smile:


Sant Brieg is Aberystwyth’s twin town. We even name a Boulevard after it. I’ve had many enjoyable twinning or work visits there. We still have good friends living a few km inland in Plougenast.

I’ve only heard Breton spoken there in a visit to a Sgol Diwan, but I have heard Gallo spoken by our friend’s grand’mere among others. I wonder if there is much interest in maintaining this old language.

Am I right in thinking that Sant Briag was a Welsh missionary?

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Brieg is such a lovely person, friendly, kind and with a wickedly dry sense of humour. The kids love seeing him - he somehow has the patience of a saint when it comes to entertaining them. We had the pleasure of welcoming him here last summer after a few years of not seeing him. He came and stayed for a few days during the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol.

One evening, he returned from the Eisteddfod with a family from Llydaw, who were also visiting Cymru - parents and three children. During our chat over coffee and cake, my youngest Beuno who’s seven emerged from his bedroom dressed as Captain Underpants (well worth a Google) and proceeded to fly around the living room shouting ‘Traa-la-la’ over and over. It was a sight to behold! I had visions of this lovely Breizh family returning home with quite an altered view of Welsh children! :joy:


And I’m back !

If I’m not mistaking we were around 35/40 people in Sant Brieg last saturday.

15 beginners
7 intermediate
15 who are fluent enough.
Three classes, three teachers.

A journalist came to take a picture as we where all standing near to “Y ddraig coch” (Welsh flag).
Brieg greats you by the way.


What a brilliant turn out! :star2:

And thank you for saying hello to/from Brieg :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunny:

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you’re welcome

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