Meet ups in Bridgend Area?

Are there any meet-ups in cafes, pubs or walks in the Bridgend area to help with speaking Welsh?
I used to do the Sadwrn Siarads in various parts of S Wales, and know that the pandemic scuppered all of those sorts of meet-ups.

Gary James


There’s a small group meeting on the second Saturday of the month. The next meeting is this coming Saturday 11th June at Aroma cafe at 10am - 12pm. We usually sit towards the back. If the weather’s ok we might be outside at the back. Hope to see you then.

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Excellent - I will try to make it this Saturday.

Great - see you then :grin:

Noswaith dda Gary

Bob dydd Iau, mae grŵp yn cwrdd yn the Barn (Great White) yn Southerndown rhwng 10.00-11.00 am. Mae hefyd Bore Coffi yn y YMCA ym Mhorthcawl ddydd Llun 11.00-12.00 ac yn y farchnad Penybont ddydd Mawrth rhwng 10.00-11.00.

Every Thursday a group meets at the Barn (also known as Great White) in Southerndown between 10.00-11.00. There is also a Bore Coffi at the YMCA in Porthcawl on Monday 11.00-12.00 and Bridgend Market on Tuesday 10.00-11.00.

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I didn’t know about the Porthcawl group meeting in the YMCA. I’m glad to know about it. I can’t come tomorrow but I will try for Monday of next week. Is it in a space without a lot of background noise?

Shared with my welsh class. :grin: Would love to come along it’s been so long. Difficult with baby at the moment.

I think the Tuesday Bore Coffi has moved from the indoor market to Cafe Fresco on Norton Street. Can anyone confirm this?

Sorry - Nolton Street

I’m interested to know as Tuesday is the only day I can go until my welsh class starts back up.

Yes, as far as I know

The once a month Saturday morning group are also meeting at Cafe Fresco. It’s on Nolton Street opposite Watts and Morgan Estate Agents. Hopefully this will suit us better than Aroma