Meet Up North America SW Region?

Hello, just wondering if there is a north American, Southwest region, meet up albeit virtually. Thanks! I do know that we can go through the Slack system, but also wanted to see if there was just a regular meetup with a specific date and time that is ongoing. Diolch!

Hwyl, Sarah!
I am in SW Michigan—does that count? My level is beginner, but would love to meet up via ZOOM or skype.
Beth (Jenkins) Ernest


Thanks so much for following up with me. What fun - I would love someone to practice with. I’m very rusty, so we can work through it together!

Zoom would be great!

I wonder what the time difference is between us - I’m in Phoenix, AZ. What are good days for you? I’m self employed and sometimes M-Th gets challenging, but if there is any chance for a Fr-Sunday, that would be great. If not, if we have enough time in advance, a week day would be okay too.

Diolch! Looking forward to coordinating something!

Hi, Sarah,
Sorry I let the pel drop on this conversation. Wyt ti’n moyen siarad dydd Gwener, 3/26 yn yr prywnhawn?


Dim problem! Da dawn :wink: Mae’r prynhawn 3/26 yn perfaith! Beth ydy yr amser wyt ti eisiau cafarfod gyda fi?

BTW — Beth ydy yr amser difference?


I live in Kansas and I am a beginner. I have made it to Challenge 7 Level 2 so far. I would also like to participate in a zoom meet up to practice speaking. I still have to just about translate on a word by word basis but would like to get more practice both listening and speaking to become more fluid in my speaking rather than having to pause every two or three words - Bob


Sorry —zoom meeting cancelled!

Bob—I just posted about meeting Friday, 4.2 Croeso!

I can meet on Friday at 3pm Eastern. -Bob

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Diolch Beth - ddim problem :wink: I am not on the forum much, but have its set up to alert me if I get tagged in a reply - that can help too!

I can’t meeet this Friday though. Dwi isio ymarfer yfory ond dwi’n’ gweithio Gwnerer ;( (I want to practice tomorrow but I am working) But, hopefully I could join next week if possible. Enjoy tomorrow’s practice Beth and Robert!

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will there still be a meet up today at 3 pm?

@robert-ridenhour The meeting is scheduled for today, Friday. However, we are just talking to a vet. Our dog has been panting for days, we are fearing bad things and we’re needing to care for her. She has a cardiac appt next week, but don’t think we can wait. Sorry—I really want to siarad Cymraeg, as you do, too.

Shwmae Beth,
Dw i’n byw yn Michigan hefyd. Royal Oak.

S’mae! Dw i’n byw ger Grand Rapids.
Tua dwy awr o Royal Oak.


Hwyl Beth,
Rydw i’n nabod Grand Rapids da iawn.
Des i i Gogledd America yn 1981 ond dw i’n dod o Gasnewydd wreiddiol.

Iawn. I feel i need to gain more speaking practice so would be fine if you wish to set something up with yourself and/or other learners.

Dw i ddim yn gweithion nawr. Allwch chi ZOOM yn yr prynhawn
yfory? Neu ddydd Sadwrn?

Hwyl Beth.

Mae prynhawn yfory yn dda.

I’ve just had some repair work performed on my PC so I’ll get ZOOM installed today.

Da boch, Gwyn

Beth Ernest is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
OK! 3 o’r gloch dydd Gwener (9 Ebrill).

Talk to you then!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 5304 1540
Passcode: 792796

Rhagorol !!. Mae gweld ti mewn dri o’r gloch heddiw !

Hwyl Beth.
It was great chatting with you !!. I can talk again anytime next week.
Don’t forget to send me that link !!. Diolch