Meet up in Bristol

Hello everyone - I am about to start the 6 minute a day course so, yes, at the moment my Welsh consists only of the 5 days material. So now you know why i want to study Welsh! Still, with a view to the future can anyone point me in the direction of Welsh speaking activities in Bristol. I gather there is a group, but I have not yet found the details. Thank you.

I don’t know whether they’re back meeting after covid, but there was a group in Thornbury - Cornel Y Siaradwyr Thornbury
@PhilgJones will probably be able to tell you more.

Bless you - thank you so much Siaron. Alas, though, I do not drive and Thornbury would be a bit far for my bike (I live in Southville)! Thanks all the same, though.

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Hi Paul, I live in Bristol. There used to be a small group that used to meet up at the Tobacco Factory and few other places a couple of years back but that sort of fizzled out. If you(or any of the old group/other Bristol welsh speakers/learners) fancy meeting up for a chat over a coffee/pint I am up for it.

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Hello George - that is super. The Tobacco Factory would suit me very well, as I live more or less just round the corner from there. Can I hold on it for the moment, though, as I don’t really start the course until Monday! But let’s keep in touch. Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend. P.

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That’s great! I’ve just spotted this so I’ll pop a note in the newsletter for next week and see if a few more would like to join you :slight_smile:

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Bath-based Minediad level learner here. I’d be interested in Bristol if it accommodates my level!


I’m in Tetbury but would be interested.

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HI George, Yate based Mynediad learner here. I work Mon & Wed and have the Mynediad dau class 1000-1200 Tuesdays I’ll also attempt the Cornel y siaradwyr meet up in Thornbury on the same afternoon. However depending when you propose, please post or let me know and i’ll try and be there.

I’m up for restarting the Bristol meet up

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I would be interested but we have just got a new puppy and I think it will be a few more weeks before I could manage to make it.

OK, let’s make this happen.
I’m suggesting the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Tobacco Factory.
That will avoid a clash with Thornbury and is compatible with all preferences expressed so far.
Any takers? Speak now (type really) and it will happen.
Edit: starting time, let’s say… 6pm

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Don’t forget I am only on level 1, now challenge 7. But if others are up for it, we could give it a trial.

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Let me know the first date and i’ll make every attempt to be there (calendar permitting)…

Okay - that is three of us so far. I incline to think maybe we need more. On that basis it may be best not to start next Tuesday but the second Tuesday in October (says he, hoping he might have got a few more challenges in by then!).

Shall I put together a separate email list for those of us who want to take part?

Yep, happy with that. I start mynediad dau tuesday with quite a bit of revision so October would be great ! (Calendar permitting as i’m at work and i need to check with the oracle)

Meetups have started with fewer than three … just saying :joy:

Great - okay then, second Tuesday in October, at the Tobacco Factory. Starting Oct 12th, 7.30-9.00. All levels (cos I am only level 1 and need sympathy!). I don’t mind people sending me privately their email addresses for a contact list if they like. That way only my email address will be publicly posted here :

Sorry - I have just noticed your suggestion of a 6.00 pm start. I have suggested to Jonathan 7.30! Any views? I don’t mind myself.

I’m not fussy about the start time, just as long as there is one. 7.30 is good for me. It misses the rush ‘hour’ and it is before things get too noisy for me to hear what people are saying.
So, second Tuesday in October, Tu.12-Oct-2021 7pm, is definite.

But, I’m happy to start on 14th of September, even if it’s just me and one other person. Having a dedicated hard-core avoids the situation where no-one goes because everyone thinks that no-one else is going.