Meaning of i'w in this context

“What to do” is apparently translated as: beth i’w wneud.

My question is…what does the i’w mean/stand for in this context? :thinking:

Thank you for any help!

“What to do” is, I believe, “beth i ei wneud o” (what to do it).

The “i ei” is contracted to “i’w” and the “o” is dropped.

Sorry if I’m wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.


Thank you for your response! What is “ei” doing in there, though?

It’s just something that often occurs before verbnouns in Welsh - although we translate it as “what to do” in English, in Welsh we literally say “what for its doing”, and the ei = it (which, as Gruntius rightly pointed out, changes to 'w after the preposition i). Technically, the ei pairs with an o/e/hi (depending on what ‘it’ is) but these ‘second halves’ can be omitted.

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Thank you! The literal translation is super-helpful.

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