Maybe I found someone - Excited!

Well, comming to twitter i found surprise there. You might know writter Siôn Jobbins who has written quite some books about Welsh things like dragon, flag, antheme and obviously we follow each other quite well so I found posted to me this tweet:

Ti'n nabod Jan, @KnightGhost?

— Siôn Jobbins (@MarchGlas) November 26, 2016

And clicking on the link I found this:

Jan o Slofenia sy'n egluro apêl #AstudiaethauCeltaidd @Prifysgol_Aber #Cymraeg #Gwyddeleg #Llydaweg #CaruAber #CymruRyngwladol 🙂🌍

— Adran Gymraeg Aber (@CymraegAber) November 26, 2016

Well, I know studying the languages doesn’t always mean one can actually speak them but I have high hopes that my search to find someone in Slovenia who speaks Cymraeg has finally finished and I can determine I’m not alone speaking yr iaith.

I thanked Siôn for allerting me to this, and send a message to Adran Gymraeg Aber (yn Cymraeg of course) if there’s any chance to get in contact with Jan. Afterwards I went in the search on twitter and I believe I found just the right man named Jan who lives in Aberystwyth and writes a lot of tweets in Slovene and English language however I didn’t find any in Cymraeg.

I’m excited upon the finding, endlessly grateful to Siôn and in hopes to confirm my findings and hopes to be true.

So the story from April this year when @margaretnock visited me and even more back when I had my first conversation with @aran continues with excitement of discoveries, happenings, learning and being where I could not possibly dream in the past to be. That moment of Bootcamp and all that singing by @Iestyn, @catdafydd @AnthonyCusack, @elkiedeadman and the rest of the group still rings in my mind and follows me wherever I go.

Oh, and Marc (I can’t possibly find your forum name) I still carry that black stone with me … - the talisman of Bootcamp. :slight_smile: Diolch yn fawr i rhoi hon i fi. :slight_smile:


Bendegedig, Tatjana! Us learners really do get around, don’t we? :slight_smile:


Just to let you know: Mr. Jan Zajec who lives in Aberystwyth at the moment responded to me and to my happyness he speaks Cymraeg! He says he speaks a little but as much as he had written to me he might speak just very well. I gave him the URL to our learning page so I’d be extreamly glad if he’d just appear on here!

I’m not sure how much interaction he’d want to have with me in the future but I’m already happy to know there are people in my country or from my country who actually learn and speak the language.

I’ll let you know if there will be some further “adventures” on the way of learning/speaking/practicing to tell.


Tatiana fach, would you be very kind and ask him to sign the petition with his Slovenia?
He could put a comment explaining he is currently studying in Aber!

Well, I won’t just “jump” on Jan, but I’ll try to express my wish a bit later. It was my first contact with him today and I’ve kindly invited him on here despite he’s studying Celtic languages on UNI. I’m also not sure if he’d continue any conversation with me in the future. I kindly ask to give me a bit of time.

On the topic note: he was interested in why I’m learning Cymraeg so I’ve got the opportunity to explain where I’m learning and why. Shorter post from him while longer (understandably - as usually) form me, all yn Cymraeg of course from both sides. Wel, oedd sgwrs Cymraeg yn dechra. :slight_smile:


I certainly meant you to wait for an opportune moment!! Sorry if my enthusiasm got the better of me in the way I expressed the posting!
It would be great if he joins the Forum and can tell us how he came to be studying in Wales and a bit about his experience!