Map Llais

Wondering how to pronounce those Welsh place names?

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Lovely idea! Needs a bit more work in the South and West though :thinking::grinning:

Totally agree with @siaronjames; is it being updated to include more places over time @Gog?
Asks she with daughters in West and South…

Hi @ann-6 and @siaronjames

The map was posted on our Cycling UK Facebook page so I thought I’d pass it on as I wasn’t sure if it had been posted in SSiW before and thought it may be useful as a resource for people wanting to pronounce place names properly.

At the top of the map in the green bar is a link to Data Gwreiddiol. If you click on this it takes you to a Wikimedia page, which is a free media repository. I assume that because its Wiki you can add to the map by uploading sound files. So those living in the South and West could add to the map to include more place names

Other than that I really have no idea if its being updated, but hopefully someone here may take up the challenge!