Manchester Meetup March 2018

The next monthly meet up is next Saturday 24th February 2018 at our new venue - Siop Shop, the new Welsh cafe on Tib Street. Meet up at the usual time of 10.30 although I ( and others) often arrive a bit earlier to sample Iwan’s delicious breakfast goodies!

Look forward to seeing you there - all welcome as always.


Shwmae, Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg - lefel Fynydiad. I was exploring the Internet on Saturday afternoon and came across your entry. I was so thrilled, even though I had missed the morning meeting. So today I went into Manchester to visit Siop Shop, which was totally new to me. What a lovely place. I had a super meal - ges i gawl a fara. More to the point, I met Iwan and actually spoke some Welsh. This was my very first time to speak to someone other than my Welsh Skype tutor; actually speaking Welsh to a real person face-to-face! What a wonderful experience! I am so pleased that I found this posting. Thank you for creating a group. When is the next one? I think I might be in Wales, on a revision weekend in Pont-y-pwl. But I am so excited about joining you, even though my Welsh is so limited. I am determined to face every difficulty that this language throws at a learner. And it is good to know that I am not alone as a learner in Manchester. Diolch yn fawr!


That’s brilliant Megan! I’m not in Manchester but I know they’re a very friendly group and they’ll be delighted to have you along. With your positive attitude nothing will stop you learning Welsh! Da iawn ti!


Shwmae Megan. We meet the 3rd Saturday of every month. It will be great to have you at our group. So glad you had such a positive experience at Siop Shop and da iawn i ti! Iwan is very welcoming isn’t he?
Hope to see you in March or whenever you can next make it.
Hwyl am y tro


Braf cwrdd â ti. Thank you for such a warm welcome. If your next meeting in Siop Shop is on 17th March, I’ll be in Wales (Yes, aren’t I lucky!). But I have marked 21st April in my diary, and if that is the correct date, then I am really looking forward to joining the group on that morning. Nervous as well, but I didn’t let that stop me today!


Helo Megan. Hope I get to meet you in April. I’m waiting for a date for some surgery so not sure if I’ll be there or not. A group of about 6 people from the Preston group are visiting that one too so there will be plenty of people at different levels to practice your Welsh with and to chat about all things Welsh. Have a lovely time in Wales next month. I’m heading to the Llŷn Peninsula on Wednesday for a few nights. See you soon :grin:

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Next Saturday - 17th March 2018 - is the next meet up. See beginning of this thread for details.
All welcome as always - whatever your level of Welsh.
I’m going to be in Wales that weekend so unfortunately won’t be able to be there but hoping to be at the April meeting.

Hope it goes well. :slight_smile: