Manchester Meet Up November 2017 and exciting new possibility!

Manchester Meet Up is this next Saturday 21st October 2017, 10.30 until 12:00 at the Manchester Gallery Cafe.

I’m afraid I can’t make it this month - I have a works reunion and before that I have to pick a friend up from the airport. It may be helpful if you mention on here or on the Manchester Welsh Learners’ Facebook page ( see link below) if you are thinking of going to make sure there will be others there.

Hope it goes well and see you in November :slight_smile:

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The next Manchester meet up is this coming Saturday - same time same place - see beginning of thread for details… All welcome as always.

However…there is a possibility of an exciting new venue for the future. Thank you Ian Blandford for letting us know about a new Welsh cafe recently opened in Manchester on Tib Street. I think it would be great to have our meet ups there but would like to know what other member feel first. Please let me know what you think even if you’re not an every month member and I’ll be asking the same on our Facebook page. I have briefly “spoken” to the owner Iwan Roberts on our Facebook page a while ago and have tried his delicious cakes (from his Blawd bakery) which he was selling in other cafes so it’s great to hear he has his own cafe now.

Here are some links about Siop Shop

Hope to see you at the Gallery as usual this Saturday. I may pop into Siop Shop after the group to say hello if anyone wants to join me :slight_smile:

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As mentioned in the thread about the Welsh Cafe in Manchester, today the group decided this will be our venue from now on.
Here are a few links about the cafe:

Look forward to seeing you there in December :slight_smile:


Hoping I’ll be working locally and able to visit in December. Looks like Siop Shop is a great addition to the city :slight_smile:

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I agree and perfect for our group. Hope to see you again soon Danny. Hwyl :slight_smile:

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I’m a potential new member although getting there regularly during the winter might be awkward. What’s the format of the meet-ups? Coffee, cake, and siarad Cymraeg? I was quite fluent in school (years ago) and want to wake up my Welsh!

Hi Allan,
Yes that just about sum’s us up! :slight_smile: It would be great if you could manage to join us. Here’s a link to the most up to date thread. This is from last year. :slight_smile:

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