Manchester Meet Up June 2018

The next Manchester Meet Up is this Saturday 21st April 2018 at the Siop Shop cafe, Tib Street, Manchester at 10.30am although I tend to be there earlier to sample owner Iwan’s Bara Brith :slight_smile:

All welcome whatever your level of Welsh. We are looking forward to welcoming members of the Preston group who have decided to jump on the train and join us this month. It will be great to see you all.

See link for details about Siop Shop

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Just the usual reminder about the Manchester Meet Up :slight_smile: This Saturday 19th May 2018 - same time, same place - see beginning of thread for details.
My apologies for this one; I’ll be in Pen Llyn. I will probably be at the Pwllheli Meet up instead. We had a very busy and interesting meet up last month with about 20 people. Members of the Preston group joined us - I think we nearly overwhelmed Iwan the owner!!
Hope it goes well. :slight_smile:

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The next Manchester Meet Up is this coming Saturday 16th June 2018 - see beginning of thread for details.
Unfortunately I can’t make this one but hoping to get to the July one.
Hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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Hello Jean, I’ve literally just joined the site and I’ve already cocked it up! I put my email address in the signing in bit, then realised that I needed to create an account first. But it wouldn’t let me use my gmail address because it already recognised it. Fortunately, that’s what backup email addresses are for…so I’ve used my yahoo address. Phew!!!

Anyway, I live in Warrington and have this week started the SaySomething in Welsh course. I’d be interested in attending the next meeting, as I reckon it will help me progress. I’m going to y Fellinhelli on August 13th with my niece and eldest two nephews. Why am I wanting to learn Welsh? Because in 2014, I took my niece and eldest nephew to Colwyn Bay and bought a book called The Phenomenon of Welshness by Soon Jobbins. So I decided to give it a go.

I’ve been planning theholidayfora while, and booked our accommodation several weeks ago, so I should really have started learning the language a while ago. I may have left it a bit late to learn enough to talk confidently, but if it still goes OK, we can go again next year.

I’m having a bit of trouble remembering everything, and my pronunciation may be a bit off, but it would be fun to use what little I do know before we go away.

How does that sound?

Kind regards,



Hi David.

Welcome (croeso)! Glad you managed to finally get on here. I often get muddled with the tech side of things :joy:
It would be great to see you at the meet up. We’re an informal, friendly group and people are at different stages of learning. It varies greatly month to month with regards the number of people attending. I’m hoping to be there at the July one in 2 weeks time.
Good luck with the lessons. I’m guessing by the time you go on your hols you’ll manage some conversation.
Looking forward to meeting you

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Hello Jean,

I can speak a - little - bit already, but I’m looking forward to learning more before we go.

I know where Tib Street is, but what’s the date and time?

Look forward to meeting you all,


Hi David
It’s always the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10.30am so the next one is the 21st July. See beginning of this thread for more details about the venue. I’ll be putting a reminder on here and our Facebook page nearer the time.
Look forward to meeting you soon. :blush:

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