Managing downloads on the app

Does anyone know if there is a way to selectively delete lessons you have downloaded on the app?

I have downloaded a lot of old and new lessons on my phone, to use when I’m walking the dog. I’d now like to make some space for more Beca a’i Phobl instead, but I can’t find any way of deleting just some challenges. The only option seems to be to delete all data associated with the app, which would include passwords - not what I want!

(I should say it’s an Android phone I’m using)

I know a way to selectively delete downloaded files, but not from within the app.
It requires some sort of File manipulation software (comparable to the Windows file explorer) - I found “Total Commander” to work nicely. Then you can browse to the folder where the files are stored and delete them from there.
ETA: from the main storage directory, the path is
ETA2: I just checked, you can delete single challenges from within the app. Pick a challenge as if you want to play it back, and in the play screen click on the selection menu in the upper right corner, there is an item labeled “Delete”.


Hi @Catriona,

On an iPhone you can hold your finger on the downloaded lesson and a little pop up appears, which allows you to delete the download.

I don’t know if it’s the same on Android however.

Rich :slight_smile:

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I’m on Android, admittedly I dont have the App on there any more. Don’t the downloads save in the Android Download section The blue one with the down arrow V?

If so, you just hold one down and select the dustbin. Might be different for the revised SSiW app.

That works! Thank you so much!

I’d tried holding my finger on a challenge to select it on the menu screen, but I hadn’t worked out that there were extra things you could do in the play screen. Brilliant!