'Mam' and mutations

Currently doing challenge 21 level 1. I would like to write down the sentences using ‘my mother’ and ‘your mother’ and the mutations involved. However I just can’t make sense out of it. I can’t hear what is said and therefore I can’t write it down either. For instance:

Your mother doesn’t like to read
My mother wants to tell you
Your mother doesn’t like to relax on sunday afternoon
My mother rather speaks Welsh


Hi Vincent, are you doing the Northern or Southern Course?

Dydy dy fam ddim yn licio darllen
Mae dy fam isio deud wrthot ti
Dydy dy fam ddim yn licio ymlacio brynhawn dydd sul
Mae’n well gan dy fam siarad Cymraeg

Does that help?

Doing the Southern course. Gues it is a bit different then?

In both North and South, “my mother” is always “fy mam”. “your mother” is either “dy fam” (when using ‘your’ in a singular or informal context) or “eich mam” (when using ‘your’ in a plural or formal context).

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Diolch yn fawr, Siaron. Love this Forum!


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Yeah, in the South, you can use Ydy or Yw as you choose. so the negative in the S. Challenge was Dyw dy fam, as I remember.

Edit to clarify

This drove me a bit nuts so I looked up
possessive pronouns in King. They are not in the extensive section on pronouns ha ha. They are in 109-114 possessive adjectives. This helps with both the mutations & the echoing pronouns.
fy gives the nasal mutation. Not a problem with mam but tad is coming right up for you. T has a nice nasal mutation so it’s Fy mam since m has no nasal mutation. It is fy nhad for my dad.
dy gives the soft mutation (fam) “Dy fam” I haven’t gotten to “your dad” yet. Predicting dy dad
ei (his) soft (fam)
ei (her) aspirate but for m, mh might be spoken but not written
ein, eich, eu - no mutation.

One day, I will understand this. One day…

Diolch yn fawr Rosemarie

I say that several times a day!

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I just go by the sound. Prob thats how first language speakers learnt.

Same as in English. I dont usually say " a other" or “Mother in laws”. Not sure why other than it just wouldn’t sound right. :grin:

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