Malvern Weekly SGWRS

These are now re-starting every Thursday in the library at 12.00 bring a snack or drink…@deborah-ssi

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Just to check the details are still the same -

Great Malvern - Thurs, 12.30pm to 2pm, Malvern Library Café, Graham Rd, Great Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2HU

And you’re meeting in the café but people can bring their own snack or drink?

Yes…cafe is now unfortunately closed…we use the same space…

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Hello, I live in Droitwich and would like to attend as and when work commitments allow. I will look forward to meeting you.

Great……welcome…I live in Bromyard so I’m not always there but there’s usually between 5 to 12 people…some fluent…

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Hi, I’m in Worcester and would like to come along to the sgwrs but can’t make it until the end of October. I’m at Canolradd level, not yet fluent and would really appreciate the opportunity for extra practice.

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Is there anything in Malvern for Sept 2022?

@mikewilliams-1 seems to be the person to get in touch with :slight_smile:

Hi Shelagh,
Yes…every Thursday 12.30 Malvern Library. cafe downstairs all welcome!!

Hi! Sorry for long wait after my first question about your meeting (July 6)
I should like to come next Thur (Sept 15th) if that is OK!
Many thanks,
Shelagh Rothero

Of course….meet in the cafe downstairs in the library…12.30. I might not be there but there is always between 5 to 15 lovely people…

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See you (?) then!

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lovely to finally meet…

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Just a quick one to say that I have not forgotten about these sessions. Sadly, I could only meet if I do not have any work commitments, and something nearly always comes up, as it has again this week. I am really hoping to get to the sgwrs next week (17 November) and look forward to meeting you.

Pob hwyl


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Hi Neil,
No problem…un diwrnod!

Really sorry to have missed the last three sessions. Have had horrible cough etc - not Covid. Hope to join you on Thur 8 December - keeping fingers crossed!

Hope you feel better soon…:+1:

Shwmae - is this group still active? I live in Hereford and am looking for a local group.


Yes Gareth…still meeting on a Thursday at the downstairs cafe in the library at Malvern. 12.30 start. I’m over near Bromyard and don’t always make it, but there are usually between 5-10 people some fluent and other new speakers…

There were 16 this week…but new people are always weloome! We meet in the downstairs cafe in the library, so you can get a drink and something to eat (well, it is lunchtime). Hope you can make it sometime.

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