Male Voice Choir Concert in Bridgend, Friday 6th Oct

Hello all!
I hope this finds you happy and well, wherever in the world you may be!
For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been learning with SSiW for about nine months and I’m loving every minute, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of you lovely people for practice whether it be on Skype or in person.
ANYWAY, aside from being an enthusiastic Welsh learner, I’m an actress and soprano living and working in London. I’ve been asked to perform in a concert close to my home town (Porthcawl) as the guest Soprano in Bridgend Male Voice Choir’s Annual Concert.
It’s Friday 6th October, 7pm. Tabernacle Chapel, Bridgend.
They are always wonderful events, the choir perform a lot of their repertoire in Welsh and I will be performing one or two in Welsh also. The evening is being compered by Beverley Humphries who hosts ‘World Of Music’ on BBC Radio Wales on Sunday Nights.
I thought it might appeal to some of you who live down South, something pleasant to do with your Friday night!

Thank you for your time, let me know if you’re coming as I’d love to say hello :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Charlotte :notes:

EDIT: Here is the poster!


Hello Charlotte … Croeso nôl.

Sorry my curiousity - the same Charlotte Vaughan who performed in the Phantom of the Opera in London just days ago? :slight_smile: (don’t ask how I know that though. :smile: )

Now … How to post picture on the forum, you’ll find here. If something is not clear (as that post about photos is really quite long) you’re welcome to ask of course.

I’m sorry, but I won’t be the one listening to you in October as I live far from Wales but at least I can help you here with these techy stuff. If there are some other techy and “how to” things you need to know, you can mostly find them in this topic.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hi Tatjana!
Yes, that’s me! :slight_smile:, I’ve been in the show for two years now and am leaving in a few weeks, which happens to free me up to do concerts and such!
Thank you for this, does this cover operating from your phone? If not, I’ll open up my laptop and try from there!
Thank you,

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YAY! I knew.

You’re welcome. This actually covers PC usage so you better go with laptop and upload. However if you use Dropbox, you can upload picture there, copy the link of the picture and paste it in here and the picture appears by itself. I usually do this because of sparing a bit of SSiW server space. (however don’t panic about the server space … I’m just too techy head :slight_smile: )

Hoep it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


That’s great- thanks very much! :sparkles:

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Warmly recommend this for anyone who is within range - Charlotte was absolutely brilliant in Phantom (even allowing for our obvious bias!)… :star: :star2:

[Erbyn feddwl - one for the next email after the break next week, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile: ]


Diolch o galon Aran! That would be wonderful, @Deborah-SSi, thank you!

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