Making it public!

You know that moment that you actually admit to people that you speak a bit of Welsh? I may be regretting doing that. This coming week is languages week at school and the languages department asked if any teachers could speak a second language. I volunteered the information that I can speak a bit of Welsh and I ended up being filmed speaking Welsh for a compilation video in assembly on Thursday, and I have to wear this badge all week!


And if you are the only one then no-one will notice if you make a mistake. It’s all good.

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Da iawn! Where are you? If in ‘English Wales’ you’ll be spreading the word, if in England, you may get people coming into SSiW out of curiosity and staying out of fascination and pleasure! In fact, wherever you are that could result!!


I love this one …

Da iawn ti a llongyfarchiadau! You’re just doing a good work and that worths every effort and going into “wilderness”. :slight_smile:

I’m proud of you and this badge is really great one. I love it. :slight_smile:

Diolch - still nervous!

I’m doing the new challenges and so know how to say that I’ve started learning welsh etc. How do you say ‘I can’t say very much’ or ‘I only know a bit’ or ‘I’ve only just started’.

I know ‘Alla i ddim dweud’ but not the ‘very much’ bit.

I know ‘Dw i newydd ddechrau’ but not ‘only just started’.

I’m in England, so not ‘English Wales’

Superb! Llongyfarchiadau mawr - very brave… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry too much about that kind of fine-tuning - after all, the vast majority of the audience aren’t going to know what you’re saying, so better to say something with a good flow that doesn’t express all the details you’d say in English, than to try and change your range at the last moment and sound as though you’re getting uncertain/stuck.

So you could go for ‘alla i ddim dweud beth dwi’n moyn dweud’, and ‘dwi newydd ddechrau’ is plenty good enough…:slight_smile:

[ But for general interest: ‘very much’ in this context would be ‘llawer iawn’, and ‘I’ve only just started’ would be close to either ‘Dwi ond newydd ddechrau’ or ‘Dim ond newydd ddechrau ydw i’…]

Don’t say you’ve just started if it isn’t neccessary … I wouldn’t.:slight_smile:

So it is two weeks later and language fortnight (apparently it was more than just a week) is over and so I’ve taken my Welsh badge off my lanyard. Lots of the students thought it was really cool that I could speak some Welsh and even my bit in the video for assembly went well :slight_smile:


Cure: put your badge on and pretend the special week didn’t finish yet. :slight_smile:

On the sirious note: DA IAWN TI!


Excellent, well done - many congratulations!