Make Me Welsh

Just saw this link on Facebook about children without Gymraeg being immersed in the language over three months…Fascinating to see how the Gwynedd cramming units work and view the excellent results. Great to hear the opinions of the children and adults…


Ha, I just posted the iplayer link to this programme just this minute!!! :slight_smile:

A, yes. I don’t know if this was as introduction to the program of Make me Welsh but, did you hear Jacob speaking yesterday on Radio Cymru. He lives (or he was, I’m not sure didn’t understand that much) in Australia and he (as he said) didn’t speak Cymraeg there Dim byd! And even his mom, although (as far as I could get from the things said) Cymraeg is obviously native language, doesn’t speak with him yn Cymraeg. When mother started to explain why it is so, Jacob (he might be about 8, 9 or so) only said “Excuses, excuses”.

That was really enjoyable bit to listen on Radio Cymraeg yesterday morning. :slight_smile:

This was the programme that inspired me to start learning. Ali x