Magnetic Poetry... Impossible?

I was just thinking how it would be fun to make some Welsh magnetic poetry tiles. I have little sticky-backed sheets of magnet that can be cut apart and I could print the words out… then I remembered mutations.

I’m new enough that I’m only familiar with some (most?) of the soft mutations. At LEAST I have a linguistics background so I can describe what’s happening with fancy pants words and remember some of the rules on top of listening and just practicing them naturally.

But still.

These things are out of control.

That brings me to think… there’s no WAY magnetic poetry would work in Welsh, right? There would need to be two tiles for so many words. Has anyone ever considered this?


The stuff I’ve seen just ignores the mutations… :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about it in the past. It would be very nice to have such a set. One way to deal with mutations would be to have individual letters that you would superimpose on the base words - not very elegant though


Haha that would certainly work for me!

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