"mae hi’n hoffi bwyta ma’s yn fawr"

Hello, can anyone help me with this? I think it means “she likes eating a lot” (as in she loves to eat, not she eats a lot?) but I don’t understand the “ma’s”
It’s from the Robin Radio script, Uned 25 of Mynediad 2


ma’s is just the traditional spelling of the word mas, indicating that it evolved from maes, and it is the southern variant for the words out and outside. (The northern word is allan.)
So bwyta mas is to eat out, as in going to a restaurant to eat.

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Correct - The word ‘Ma’s’ for out would be totally alien to the North Walian ear and as already pointed out we would use ‘allan’.
The Welsh speakers of North West Wales (Caernarfonshire and Ynys Mon) would also drop the ‘w’ from ‘bwyta’ so to eat out would be pronounced as ‘Byta allan’.
Hope this helps.