Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2019

EDIT: Scroll down for this year’s Comedy Festival - 2019!

I meant to post this weeks ago but forgot :frowning:

Remember that Machynlleth Comedy Festival is this coming weekend (4th, 5th and 6th May).

There’s a pretty good lineup this year, including sets from comedy giants like Rhod Gilbert, Josh Widdicoombe etc etc.

There’s a few Welsh language shows as well, all of which are listed below:

We’re going up on the Friday night and all day Saturday - seeing Elis James for the 4th time I think since last year.

In terms of the other guys: Tudur Owen is very funny but sadly sold out, Steffan Evans is also pretty rather and rather dry - I’m also a big fan of Dan Thomas.

If anyone is going on the Saturday specifically let me know and we can meet up for a pint!

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Yay, I’ve booked to see Elis James :clap: but I’ll probably go up fairly early on Saturday and spend the day wandering about. I bet the atmosphere will be great, and I really like Machynlleth!

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Will definitely see you at Elis James! I will let you know what our plans are closer to the day :slight_smile:

I was suprised last year at how much was going on that wasn’t “scheduled shows” shall we say, there’s a bit of an open-mic stage in the park, as well as bars everywhere, bands playing all over.

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and thanks for the date edit! I’m quite embarassed I somehow got the month wrong when the event is THREE days away :smiley:

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The clue was “this coming weekend” and I didn’t know about it so it made me check … but of course that was your plan all along I’m sure :wink:

I’ll be at the 2019 festival, which doesn’t have a thread yet. Just booked my stewarding shifts!


Wahey! I will be there too, probably for the Friday and Saturday again - I haven’t booked any shows yet, but I’ve had a little look and the lineup looks quite good!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Here’s the link to this year’s festival in Machynlleth


mae gyda fi docyn sbar i weld Tudur Owen os ti eisiau fe @Deborah-SSi

Diolch ond alla i ddim dod yn anffodus. Thanks but I can’t come unfortunately. May has worked out to be a ridiculously busy month and I can’t squeeze anything else in.