What’s a good modern Welsh translation for an (at least on paper) grownup…?

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You mean an adult?

oedolyn (plural oedolion)


AFAIK, this has a good reputation:

Alternatively, how about this?

Sioned Davies’s translation of the Mabinogion, with introduction & notes and first published by OUP in 2007, is now generally considered the best modern translation. She is Professor of Welsh at Cardiff.

Oh. I thought Leia was after one translated into modern Welsh. :-\

Ah - maybe she was, that hadn’t occurred to me…

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Yep, Rob has it. I want one in Welsh but Welsh I’m going to understand, and without kiddifying it. I have an English translation already. And have in fact just added the graphic movel version to the Christmas list!

I saw this recently but it looks like it might be just a transcript of the original (it’s not too clear from the article) as it’s designed for students studying the text, and it’s only the second branch that is included.
New edition of the Second Branch of the Mabinogi published

Looks like an edition to me (a) from the spelling (Bendigeiduran Uab Llyr = Bendigeidfran Fab Llyr) and (b) from the reference to Ifor Williams, who was a Welsh scholar of mediaeval Welsh, and published editions of texts such as the Gododdin in the original language and spelling.

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Y Mabinogion: Diweddariad gan Dafydd A Rhiannon Ifans (Llandysul: Gomer, 1995) ISBN 978 185902 260 3.
I only manage to cope with it by reading it in conjunction with Sioned Davies’ translation. Hope this helps. Pob lwc!

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I was going to suggest that one as well - to give you an idea of how ‘modern’ it is, the original text: "Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed a oedd yn arglwydd ar seith cantref Dyfed. A threiglweith ydd oedd yn Arberth, prif lys iddaw, a dyfod yn ei fryd ac yn ei feddwl fyned i hela. " appears thus: “Yr oedd Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed yn arglwydd ar saith cantref Dyfed. [so far, so good :-)] Ac un diwrnod yr oedd yn Arberth, un o’i brif lysoedd, a daeth i’w fryd ac i’w feddwl fynd i hela.” Formal written Welsh, but easier than the original, I’d say


Sorry @leiafee, I COMPLETELY misunderstood your question!! :joy:

Heh, dim prob - that’ll teach me for relying on the subject lines instead of writing sensibke sentences! :wink:

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