Lyrics for Singing Categories 2020

Original lyrics for Pam Fod Eira’n Wyn removed

Oes gafr eto.pdf (378.2 KB)

It turns out that the version of the lyrics for Pam fod eira’n wyn on the website we got them from isn’t quite right.

@Hendrik has sent this version with the chords which is useful:

Pam Fod Eira’n Wyn (Dafydd Iwan).pdf (22.0 KB)

And here’s an image of the correct lyrics:


Nia has translated the lyrics to Pam fod eira’n wyn into English to help give an understanding of the song.

Pam fod eira’n wyn - English.pdf (99.0 KB)


If you’re not familiar with Oes Gafr Eto the idea is that you’re singing about different coloured goats, starting with a white one. Each time you sing the chorus you add a new coloured goat, but you then cycle back through the previous colours getting faster and faster. For example:

a white goat;
a black goat, a white goat;
a red goat, a black goat, a white goat, and so on, going backwards through the colours :slight_smile:

While you’ll see various sequences of common colours - white, black, red, blue, etc - this isn’t set in stone, so don’t be shy about adding your own colour choices. I can tell you that ‘piws’ gives your mouth muscles quite a workout though - try singing “finbiws” really quickly lots of times! :joy:

Here’s one example with the English translation: