Luke's Online Bootcamp: The Story so far

Just got around to doing the first lesson on the on-line bootcamp. Luckily had been answering the phone a lot in Welsh throughout the day- largely thanks to some sort of summit going on here in south Wales :wink: Managed to get a nice mix of greetings going and had a customer come in who spoke a little Welsh with me and my colleague. So far, so good…

That sounds as though you’re off to a flying start! And opening your thread on the forum is another excellent sign…:star:

I’ll look forward very much to hearing how the rest of it goes!

Well done Todd shaming me into doing it now Jenny

Excellent knock-on effect!..:wink:

Got a bit behind so have caught up on parts 2 & 3 today. Also had a chat with a welsh speaker in work which went really well and she seemed to understand everything I was saying about the war ships etc :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Short skips won’t be the end of the world, as long as you don’t let them run long…:smile:

And every single conversational interaction you have is worth its weight in gold…:smile: