Lorna's thoughts on the learning process and creating speakers

Hi @aran!

I am enormously grateful for what you (singular) do and you (plural) in the shape of the ever extending SSiW/SSi family.

I’m thinking of starting a new thread to try to nail my own thoughts and feelings about “where I got into difficulty” (apparently) on the 6mws course. As if difficulty is a bad thing, because “difficulty” is the first sign of - the potentially enormously useful and positive - “creative tension”.

I am a little hesitant to spill my guts on the forum without thinking through what the process is leading to. At the moment the kernel, (the core of the kernel in a nutshell!) and possibly my topic line goes: Three weeks to finish 6mws and still salmon pink on the forum?

At least some of what is in there is the topic of the “availability”** of people doing the 6mws to /for (various elements of) the experience.

Part of that is definitely the idea of degrees of isolation/alienation [from parts of self, parts of own experience, parts of learning academic/emotional/social, from culture(s) in the mix], and the process of embedding/disembedding/re-embedding that is going on.

Another key is your own and the collective concept of the creation of a Welsh speaker. Not everything can, or at least is likely to, happen within the space of the 6 months, unless you are, say, 13 years old and fully embedded in Wales.

So pacing and differences of emphasis are in there too. Homecoming/reconnection for those families touched by migration issues is a big ‘un, which is why this has landed prematurely here. To be continued… (but if you have thoughts about where/whether to post, please let me know.

I am in an “just a few weeks to complete an integration/integrity process” mode. That is my “location”, too. Not strictly where my physical embodiment is, i.e. the location of the corpse I too easily get temporarily detached from, that becomes the Zombie around me, for whose initial evil spellbinding the 6mws course has proved to have been the healing antidote.

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Hi Lorna - great, thank you for your feedback - I think you’re right that it’ll be a fit somewhere under ‘General/Questions’ rather than specifically US/Canada, although of course lots of things have crossover… :slight_smile:

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There is something here that hits the spot.

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Especially when combined with this:

The (bad) language in this has to be flagged up, for those of sensitive temperament, but the content is all loving and not malicious, and some is helpful in terms of referencing a fairly recently elected preident of the US, too.
Even in the first minutes of this episode the mismatch of/potential bounty from intervisitation between cultures especially the diaspora (e.g. North America) is captured beautifully, from the perspective of erstwhile teenager/the reviewing adult self. It relates/narrates/gives us insight into the media/publicity envelope surrounding the Ballymun clip above, too.

No need to rush, in your own time, but I thought it would be good to collect all these thoughts and videos together in one thread… :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr i dy helpu fi… dy help i fi??.. efo’r thread’ma.

I have not been reading the vocab lists so must guess at constructions I think I hear around. (Keeping myself in the dark till the last minute about what patterns are out there is aiding my prioritising/memory/auditory discrimination a bunch.)

I guessed the long videos in links (re American diaspora Gael, Des Bishop, from 2005) might not be the best start to your thread (apologies if that was the case) but there is food for thought in there about the range of learnings…

…and info which is quite relevant to the experience of encountering (yuck! “Brit Isles”) “North East Atlantic Archipelago” Celt lands and heritage, after experiencing or growing up with the anglophone diaspora Celtic realm, I imagine (sort of have own or extended family experience of that).

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Yup, there’s definitely plenty of food for thought in there - diolch! :slight_smile: