Loreint 2014

“For ten days and ten nights the Breton city of Lorient is brought to life with the colour and sounds of a special festival. It is a festival which welcomes over 700,000 people to celebrate the Celtic tradition which unites some of the oldest cultures in the world. With performances from Catrin Finch, Kizzy Crawford and Alaw; as well as the musical talents of our Celtic brothers and sisters from across the world, join Ryland Teifi for a feast of music, dancing, performance and all things Celtic from the Festival Interceltique Lorient, 2014.”

Loads of Celtic music presented by Ryland Teifi… Gwledd o Gerddoriaeth!


I told Catrin I’d really like to go to that some day.

And then she reminded that, er, we’ve been. On our honeymoon. Ahem.

It always clashes with the National Eisteddfod, which tends to reduce the Welsh contribution. That’s probably a good job, though, isn’t it? Otherwise we’d just take it over, wouldn’t we? And that wouldn’t be fair.

Must go back to Brittany soon, it’s by far my favourite foreign country.