Looking To Meet Other Learners In Llanelli

Hi Jason,
Lots of us are beginners too. See you there!



Wishing you all the best for Monday night.
Sorry that my work commitments are preventing me from attending currently, but I hope to get to some of your meetings as well as Ty Tawe, Swansea in the future.


We had a great first meeting last Monday - nine of us, I think with a full spread of stages of familiarity with the language.

Looking forward to getting together again tonight, and to meeting a few new folk, all being well.


Just to say that I really enjoyed the conversation and the company this evening. Already looking forward to meeting you all again! :heart:


I’m looking forward to it too. Although I don’t say a huge amount I am learning so much from listening and asking questions. Thanks everyone:)


Well The Colliers was a good meeting last night - I didn’t understand all of what was said, which just shows me that I must listen to Pobly y Cwm as ChrisH has said to me! Good to meet others and chat - even if I listened more than chatted!


Thank you to everyone that came and really sorry about the last minute change of venue but, we couldn’t have had a decent conversation with the football on full blast in the ‘background!’ Hopefully we have found the right venue now.
Like everyone, I am really enjoying meeting new people and practising welsh with you. There is absolutely no pressure to speak and certainly none to be ‘right.’ We are embracing and learning this wonderful language and culture that is ours for the taking.
Remember, time for some games next week. Bring something in a bag/box, it can be as abstract as you like, then it’s up to the others through questions in Welsh, to discover what it is. Even if we have to resort to a game of charades to discover the answer.
Please, everyone, any ideas you have of activities we can do to enhance our learning and understanding, voice them. There is no ‘I’ in team. We are in this together and, the more fun we have, then a greater and more memorable journey we will have.


Not been able to make it yet. Where are you meeting next week and what time please?


We’ll be meeting in the Colliers Arms again at 7pm . It’s not a meeting with an agenda or anything, but a social gathering so there’s no problem if anyone needs to come a little later, or leave before the end. We’ve finished between 9-9:30pm the first couple of meetings. I’m not sure where you’re from so apologies if this is stating the obvious, but The Colliers Arms is in the centre of Furnace, on Luton Terrace, just opposite the Stradey Arms which was our original venue. It’s about a 15 minute walk / 5 minute drive/cycle from Llanelli town centre. Not to be confused with the Colliers Arms in Pwll, just west of Llanelli.

Hope that’s useful for you and anyone else thinking of joining us.

Hope to see you soon.

As you can see we didn’t have to move far from the Stradey Arms!


Diolch Ant
Dwi’n gwybod y dafarn 'na. Dwi’n byw yng Ghorseinon. (mutation???)
Wela i ti yno - gobeithio

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Although there is an ‘i’ in ‘tim’ :wink::joy:

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‘yng Ngorseinon’, dwi’n credu. (g > ng in nasal mutation)

Dwi’n gwrthrychafgwrthrych i weled ti hefyd.

(There’s a word I looked up but will surely never say out loud!)

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Ahhh. Dwi’n cofio nawr, dim ‘h’. Yng Ngorseinon. Dyna tŵp :joy:

Not twp at all. You will see yng Nghorseinon with a h and I thought that was the way books might teach it, but I’m no expert, this is a wicipedia link about the boxer Colin Jones, which spells it like that.

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Ah, that’s why I remembered it as such. Nothing to do with Colin Jones or Wicipedia. Was O level Welsh. Now I’m showing my age. Trying to forget all the old book Welsh from the late 60’s early 70’s :flushed:

I did the same O level Welsh and things like that must have stuck, but that’s not a bad thing, when they were actually correct. The first time I said a full sentence of Welsh in school was in my short oral exam, which didn’t go well - not that it mattered, because there weren’t many marks assigned to the speaking bit. It was a bit like getting a music qualification without being able to play a note on any instrument.

Just curious - where did you find that? The ‘weled’ gives me a hint that it’s older Welsh, but the ‘gwrthrychafgywrthrych’ looks like two words run into each other to me: 'gwrthrychaf" which can mean “I’m looking forward to” - all in one word - and “gwrthrych” which can be the verb “to anticipate, look forward to” but in SSiW Welsh you’re more likely to say “Dw i’n disgwyl ymlaen” :slight_smile:

Hi Dee - I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be a word regularly encountered in speech! It is, however, the first option given for a search on ‘look forward’ in the GPC dictionary app (defined as ‘to look (forward), hope, anticipate, expect.’

I’ll stick with ‘dw i’n disgwyl ymlaen’ now you’ve shared that with me, thanks.

Since I’m here, I ventured: ‘Gobeithio wela ni chi yna.’ on the Facebook page. Does that work coming from a (group) page, aimed at a general (plural) audience? Would there be more natural way of expressing that?

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Nope, that’s about as natural as could be… :slight_smile:

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Ah, that explains it. Watch for those dictionary apps sometimes not leaving a gap between words. I’ve seen it in Ap Geiriaduron at times as well, when it runs the singular and plural together looking like one long word. I think that’s what’s happened here.